1959 Kaiju Incident, Rockwell, California
Rockwell, California, 1959
Rockwell Airbase Entrance During The Battle
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"Not many people know of what happened in '59. Not many people will."
―Richard Dawson

In 1959, the first ever Kaiju incident was recorded in the small semi-rural town of Rockwell, California. This was also followed by the creatures believed to be responsible for the Kaiju creation launching an incursion into the town and it's nearby military installation. This information was only leaked after 2030, though prior to this the US Government vehemently denied such an incident ever taking place.

1959 IncidentEdit

During the early Autumn of 1959 in Rockwell, California a government investigation discovered levels of high toxicity in the town's sewers after a minor weather anomaly had been reported to officials, though had arguably been put down to a mere thunderstorm prior. This was, up until the 2013 incident when it was revealed to be the blood of Kaiju, otherwise known as 'Kaiju Blue', an unknown substance that caused infectees to suffer ill effects and enter a trance like state before expiring, usually within a period of 4-5 hours. Local military forces were called in to maintain order as government investigators and clean-up crews rushed to clear the sew
Rockwell, California, 1959, US Army Counter-Attack

Troops rush to fight the attacking Kaiju

ers of this infectious matter. However, on the night of the October the 15th, a mere 10 days after the clean-up had begun, a Kaiju, later identified as a Leatherback, emerged through a tear in the sky and landed in the fields north of the town. Panic ensued as civilians fled in droves whilst the military struggled in it's attempts to kill the creature, using mostly ancient propeller driven aircraft like the P51-D Mustang fighter as air cover and Sherman M4 Tanks as heavy-fire support. The military operation failed and over 120 of the military bases personnel were lost. A group of civilians and government agents managed to reach the military base bunker where they made contact with the US STRATCOM service. It was then announcd that US STRATCOM intended to launch a nuclear strike on the town by early morning. Taking it upon themselves to escape, the survivors teamed together and attempted to hijack a plane leaving the airbase. However, the arriving unknown species came through the tear in the sky and destroyed the runway and the plane still in it's hangar, forcing the survivors to split up and search for another way out of the airbase. One of these, a government agent named Simon McNaughton, was forced to travel with two of his comrades and reach the facility's lower confines leading to an underground hangar, where t
Rockwell, California, 1559 Abandoned Streets

The abandoned streets of the town on the 17th October

hey eventually managed to evacuate once the other survivors had taken control of an experimental prototype helicopter. On the 16th, the aliens, now identified as 'Ultra-X'ers', had taken control of the abandoned town and had the Kaiju under their control patrolling the outskirts of the town. Forced to act, the US STRATCOM decided they wanted to learn partial amounts of information about the alien origin, dispatching agent Franko Mann to the site in a mission to find out where the species had originated from. Franko found only minor hints of the alien origin, though he did infact manage to discover a large amount of information pointing to the Kaiju's creation at the hands of the Precursors and how it came to be in the hands of the Yuntaj, the 'Ultra-X'ers' real species name. After being extracted through the same prototype helicopter, he was taken to an area 5 and a half miles out of town. Then, a high-flying B-52 Stratofortress dropped a nuclear device on the Kaiju, destroying the town, the Kaiju and Yuntaj forces within the blast radius.


After the disaster, the survivors of the town were forced into silence under threat of charges of treason if they attempted to reveal anything about the fate of the town. The town's destruction was passed off to the general public as a nuclear disaster and blame was placed on uncontrolled experiments by the scientists at the research labs in the base. Any information that surfaced of the town was destroyed or hidden. Information about the Yuntaj forces was kept a secret until the year 2021, when it was partially revealed after the downfall of the Jaeger Program for fear of a potential all out war with the rest of the universe.

Notable Citizens/PersonnelEdit

  • Richard Dawson (Mechanic, Deceased as of 2019)
  • Franko Mcmann (Federal Bureau of Investigation, Deceased as of 2012)
  • Annie Dawson (Shop Assistant, Deceased as of 2019)
  • Louise Dawson (High School Student, deceased as of 1959)
  • Simon Mcnaughton (Central Intelligence Agency, Deceased as of 2014)
  • Pvt. Mcnammara (US Army, Deceased as of 1959)
  • Doctor Lesterfield (Chief of Research, Deceased as of 1959)
  • Doctor Montague (Research Assistant, Deceased as of 1959)
  • Major Michael Simmons (US Marine Corps, Deceased as of 2020)
  • Myron Lester (Teacher, Deceased as of 1987)
  • Sarah Phelps (Central Intelligence Agency, Deceased as of 2021)


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