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Admiral Li Zhang is the captain of the Lioaning Chinese aircraft carrier that carried PPDC aircraft to requested areas around the Pacific. He is also responsible for one of the only Kaiju kills that occurred without nuclear or Jaeger intervention. The Kaiju he killed was Krakatoa, a huge Category 4 Kaiju that was almost 150m in height. It was heading straight for Shanghai where the ship was docked at the time. Zhang ordered a squad of MiGs to take flight and distract the Kaiju and draw it to the ship. Many crew thought he was insane and the first Lieutenant had the admiral at gunpoint telling him to cancel the order, Zhang pulled out his pistol and shot him in the head before the Lieutenant could fire a shot. As the Kaiju approached the ship the Admiral employed his plan. He rammed the aircraft carrier into the Kaiju's chest knocking it off the sea floor and dragging it through the water choking it simultaneously