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Adrienne Thompson
Biographical information
Birth name Adrienne Sandra Thompson
Nickname(s) Ady, Dinosaur
Born March 16, 2000

Perth, Australia

Citizenship Australian
Family Sally Thompson (mother)
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue-Green
Height 5'10 (1.77 meters)
Weight 149 lbs
Career information
Jaeger Academy Class 2027
Occupation Jaeger Pilot
Rank Ranger
Ranger Number Classified
Strike Group Perth Shatterdome
Deployments 5
Jaegers Piloted Turqoise Echo
Partner(s) James Scott
Out-of-Universe information
Adrienne Thompson is one of the two pilots of the Australian Mark 5 Jaeger, Turqoise Echo. 


Early LifeEdit

Adrienne Thompson was born in Perth, Australia on March 16, 2000. She was an only child, but she had many friends. Many of her friends referred to her as "The Comedian" because she would make everyone laugh. She was 13 years old when Tresspasser attacked California.

Becoming a RangerEdit

She was never concerned about becoming a jaeger pilot until the new breaches opened and the Pacific Breach reopened. She applied to be a jaeger pilot when she learned that the new Australian Mark 5, Turqoise Echo, needed pilots. She was accepted as the pilot and trained with her co-pilot, James Scott.