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March 2025, Everyone thought that the Kaiju War was finally over. They were wrong. Just two months after the success of Operation Pitfall, multiple reports of Kaiju sightings in the Atlantic Ocean caused widespread panic throughout all the countries that border it. In response to this threat, the United States Marine Corps, in defance of the United Nations, deploys it's newest Jeager, Devildog Ruler, piloted by Lt. Commander Rexford "Rex" Wilson and Sgt. Liza Clark, to confront the Kaiju and defend the Atlantic coastlines from the Kaiju and the Precusors.

Chapter 1: The Crush

02:20 2025, March 1

Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Devildog Ruler and Canadian Mark I Jaeger Urdnot Destroyer deployed to intercept the unknown Category III Kaiju 

Objective: Prevent the unknown Kaiju from attacking the Naval Yard.

"Baltimore LOCCENT, this is Urdnot Destroyer, Devildog Ruler has just arrived at the Miracle Mile, commencing interception."