Technical Information
Kaiju Species fire
Breach Date 2023
Category cat lll
Status Decreased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 300ft
Weight 7,855 tons
Speed 4
Strength 10
Armor 9
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Offensive
Toxicity High
Powers Smashing
Weaknesses Abdominal body parts
Target Information

jaegers destroyed,/ terra stallion,/


Akula emerged from the breach on 2035.It was taken down by Terra Stallion.



A painting of Akula by Max Eduardo, an artist who witnessed the Kaiju's onslaught firsthand.

  Akula (Russian for Shark) is a Category lV

A Kaiju that roughly resembles the a shark. It had 6 eyes and an armored face which contrasts with it's relatively fleshy body. Akula also has the ability to fire a high-velocity stream of flammable substance, which will combust if it touches anything above 60 Celcius. This includes the metal shells of many Jaegers as it heats up during battle. Just like Napalm Fire it can not be put out easily.