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(left to right) Yancy, Chuck and Raleigh as depicted by Laburnium
Alcatraz is very heavy on the religious themes, but as the Jaegers and Kaiju do not have the knowledge of human religion, they've created their own beliefs, stories and gods. The gods, as said before, take on the form of humans, as the Jaegers believe that they're the creators of everything, and the Kaiju believe that the humans are so strong, that's the only reasonable option. Some Jaegers and Kaiju, like Cherno Alpha, Traila and Laburnium are specialised in telling myths. It's unknown whether or not the Precursors have any say in this. The mythology, although they seem strange, hold some truth in the world, as Striker Eureka saw Yancy, Raleigh and Chuck as divine entities when he got to the peak of the Great Mountain, and Chuck comes to pick up Striker Eureka right before he dies.

Yans and the Devious TheifEdit

A more childish story featuring Yans (Yancy) and Hurklst (Herc).

The story starts out with Hurklst roaming the forest, looking around for places to stay. Unlike Chals, Yans and Raelih, he randomly appears on the peak of a mountain instead of dragging himself out of the ocean. He stalks Chals, Yans and Raelih, as Chals is technically his son. The little orb of light in between Yans crown of antlers fascinates Hurklst, and he plans to take it from him. Whilst Yans is sleeping, Hurklst goes in for the kill and takes it. Yans wakes up after the night is over, and finds that he can't make the sun rise. He looks around for a puddle but finds that his source of powers been taken! Yans, infuriated, gets Raelih to look for it.

However, with a source of power, Hurklst decides to play tricks on Raelih to make him go away. When he first encounters Raelih, he covers himself with leaves and hides in a tree. Raelih looks around, but is then shocked by a talking tree. He runs away in fright. In the second confrontation, Hurklst manages to make himself look like Yans by taking tree branches, painting them, putting them on his head, finding an orange deer hide and pinning feathers to it and making himself seem high and mighty. Shockingly, Raelih falls for it, and Hurklst convinces him that he should give up the quest. Raelih goes back to the real Yans, and is scolded for being stupid.

After a while of being in eternal darkness, the animals of the world begin to complain to Yans, so Yans decides to look for the culprit himself. He finds Hurklst basking in the sun, and confronts him. After giving him a scolding, Hurklst is given two options- keep his power and hold the responsibility of being a sun god, or be banished alongside his son to another world. Hurklst gives up the power as he knows Yans is more smart, and he and Chals are banished and made to become gods of death- not a very nice title. Hurklst also gets one of his arms broken so he can't do anything like that again. 

The Great Hole in the SkyEdit

Gipsy Danger falls down a hole. Striker Eureka laughs a lot. Features Teller of the Lark that Sings (Gipsy Danger), My Lilac Feet are Fleeting (Striker Eureka) and Raelih (Raleigh).

The story starts out with Teller talking to Fleeting about how Raelih has been getting a little lazy. Raelih walks in on the two talking about this, and gets rather annoyed. Teller apologises, and vowes that she won't talk behind Raelih's back again. She shouldn't really, as she is Raelih's gaurdian (Fleeting was Chals gaurdian, but then his job got taken by Hurklst). Teller then complained about Yans's absence, and Raelih began to think Teller was being a bit snobbish. Teller and Fleeting are left again, but with a warning.

A few days later, water began to fall from the sky. Teller was confused, so she went to check it out. Everything was going along just as Raelih expected. Fleeting joined Teller on her journey to look for what the water was coming from, but then fell into a hole. Teller is confused, but finds out Raelih pranked her. Fleeting laughs, but reminds her to not talk behind others backs.

Faolan and the Trickster GodEdit

Chals manages to trick Faolan into running around in circles whilst he gets the power orb that controls the moon which Raelih dropped, and was taken by Faolan. Features Chals (Chuck) and Faolan (Newt).

Raelih is in a rush, and in his rush, he drops his only source of power, the orb resting between his horns. Chals asks to go get it, but Raelih is a bit hesitant after the incident with Hurklst. Chals knows where it was taken though, so Raelih has no choice. Chals finds a house where Faolan and Draestrix (Hermann) reside. Faolan is suprised at the trickster god's presense, but Chals is quick to tell him that Draestrix is sick, and the only way to cure him was to run around the field five times. Faolan does what he is told, and whilst Faolan is doing laps, Chals takes the moon orb back to Raelih. This gives Chals the title of the Trickster God.

Yans and the Three SoldiersEdit

Yans's quest to immortality. Features Yans (Yancy), Teller of the Lark that Sings (Gipsy Danger), Blancis (Cheung), Soliol (Hu) and Raxar (Jin).

After the accident with Thermorrang, Teller decides to tell Yans to go on a quest to find immortality. After Teller tells him where to go, he undergoes the journey. He finds himself at the enterence of a forest graced by moonlight and sunlight. He finds Blancis (whos name means one) gaurding the forest, and won't let Yans through until he tells him something that makes him laugh. Yans tries and tries, but fails time and time and again. When he finally tells Blancis a good joke, Blancis can't stop laughing, and let's Yans through without any fight. In the second part of his Journey, he finds himself in a ravine with Soliol (whos name means two), who looks very miserable and gloomy. Yans tries to warm his heart, but fails. So he raises the sun for him, and Soliol is happy once again. The spikes and thorns in the ravine are cleared, and Yans goes through it without harm. In the final part of his journey, he meets Raxar (whos name means three), who seems frozen in time. Yans realises that Raxar is a manifestation of time, and represents how the land he was thrown into by Thermorrang was not natural. So he summoned the power of creation, and created a land with time and space. Raxar was thawed, and thanked Yans for his help, and he granted him immortality.

Synopsis Edit

The Mark-5 Prototype A-63 began development in 2023, where because the Striker Eureka was so successful, they took several design features from him; including the wrist-blades, large and jutting shoulder pads, balancing wings and even visor design. They decided to name the prototype Hyena Wild.

As Hyena Wild was built near the end of the Kaiju-War, money to build Jaegers was tight, and therefore there was some speculation on whether or not the Jaeger should be completed. The decision was soon made that Hyena Wild could not be completed, as people began to believe the Anti-Kaiju wall was a better alternative. Despite this, the PPDC decided to online Hyena Wild anyway to figure out if they could atleast get its A.I to work. A sigh of relief was made when Hyena Wild could online, and react to stimuli. They decided testing Hyena Wild was there best bet.

Hyena Wild reacted well to the test, although they often talked back to Stacker Penticost, saying that his choice of pilots were unfit due to them committing hate crimes in the past. This did not hinder the PPDC, until Hyena Wild did not pass the test confirming his gender, and he ruled it off as a glitch in his programming. Chuck Hansen quickly intervened, saying that he was the one who designed Hyena Wild's A.I, and that he should think for himself. Hyena Wild then stated that he should only obey Chuck Hansen's commands, which angered Stacker Penticost (who did not believe Chuck Hansen had the mental capacity, for obvious reasons). Hyena Wild's unfortunate encounter with the only humans he met left him slightly bitter about humans, and said that he should ravage all of humanity, if this is what you are like.

Stacker Penticost felt that Hyena Wild was a danger to humanity, and put the glitchy and treacherous Jaeger in isolation. Often times, Chuck Hansen would try talk to Hyena Wild through a microphone, but Hyena Wild did not cooperate. So, to see if he responded better to another Jaeger, they sent in a male Jaeger, named Canid Blazing, in to see if he could talk. Thankfully, they got along, but Hyena Wild knew that Canid Blazing was only there to make sure he wasn't doing anything shady.

Hyena Wild continued to stay in the cage that isolated him until Canid Blazing, strangley, let his cage door slightly ajar. Hyena Wild took the oppurtunity and escaped isolation, where he was shocked to find no sign of any humans. Thankfully, Canid Blazing was still waiting for him, and explained the situation to him - the Kaiju had wiped out most of humanity, and the remainders were likely to die anyway. Hyena Wild was slightly relieved, at that point. Canid Blazing decided to join a convoy of Jaegers heading for Oblivion Bay for safety, and Hyena Wild decided to trail behind him, too shy to talk to anyone else.

Once there, Hyena Wild abandoned Canid Blazing, who decided to join Striker Eureka's growing troop of other rogue Jaegers, and left for a life on his own. He was notorious for avoiding any Jaeger, even if they meant absolutley no harm. Among the Outspoken, he was seen as a coward.

Seeking solace, he tried out the desert far from the coast. However, he was confronted by three Jaegers, though he never caught their names (the Jaegers where Romeo Blue, Sickle and Flick). Romeo Blue ordered the other two to attack Hyena Wild as he was a trespasser, but they denied, since he was too small to be seen as a real threat to the much larger Jaegers. Hyena Wild used the time the Jaegers used to argue to flee, but was not sucessful. After taking a fair beating, he left, and decided to stay closer to the bay.

Several months, perhaps a year or two after the Jaegers retreated to the bay, Hyena Wild noticed that the Kaiju and Precursors would generally avoid Oblivion Bay. He took this into account, and the scenario of a Kaiju attack never really did cross his mind. He would soon realise that his apathy would come back and stab him in the back, when he was attacked by a Kaiju; not a big one, but a Kaiju none-the-less. He chased off the Kaiju, but several of the Kaiju's loose teeth got caught in the wiring of Hyena Wild's neck. He found them annoying, but was too lazy to ever take them out.

After the attack, he sorted out on becoming stronger, sometimes witnessing the Jaegers squabble amongst themselves. Hyena Wild even had grown the courage to face the Jaegers himself, although he'd usually draw with the other or lose, with sometimes even gruesome consequences. He decided to train alone, as his social skills were deplorable. After a month or two of doing just that, he took on a Kaiju, who he estimated at around a category-II. He won, but not without injuries, including one that took a whole chunk out of his shoulder. Even if he was severely injured, his ego was stroked immensly from the win.

After he was injured by the Kaiju, he sort to look for a Jaeger to nurse him back to health (no one ever accussed him of being self-reliable), where he met the American Jaeger, Gipsy Danger. She herself was somewhat skeptical of Hyena Wild, as he didn't look like the one to be trusted. Hyena Wild told her about what had happened to him, and Gipsy Danger pitied him, although that was the only thing going for him at the time. When Hyena Wild was eventually healthy, he told Gipsy Danger that he would leave. However, before he could do so, Gipsy Danger herself demanded that Hyena Wild take cover. Whilst Hyena Wild hid behind a pile of debris, he watched in awe as Gipsy Danger took on a Kaiju, much larger than the one he took on single handedly. He became a bit cautious when the Kaiju eventually pinned Gipsy Danger down, and prepared to spit acid. Hyena Wild decided not to intervene for his own safety. When Gipsy Danger pried herself from the Kaiju's grip and fought it for a good hour or so, eventually killing it, she questioned why Hyena Wild had not intervened.

Hyena Wild tried to reason with her, but he only succeeded in digging a bigger hole for himself. In anger, Gipsy Danger used her chain-sword to inflict a nasty gash on Hyena Wild's neck, not a fatal wound, but a severe one. Hyena Wild took a hint, and ran off.

After the wound had healed somewhat, Hyena Wild overheard others talking about another Jaeger, supposedly Striker Eureka, and his troop of rogue Jaegers. Hyena Wild decided to look for them, checking every nook and cranny of an abandoned Kaiju-Wall hanger. He eventually met a red Jaeger, later revealed to be Vulcan Specter, and he managed convinced her that he needed to see Striker Eureka. However, on the way there, he collapsed, presumably from fatigue. Vulcan Specter eventually brought him to Striker Eureka, where she give Hyena Wild to him, and Striker Eureka brought him to Horizon Brave. Striker Eureka then ordered Vulcan Specter to go back to her post.

Hyena Wild eventually woke up due to the fact that Horizon Brave told Striker Eureka that he would wake up in a bit, but Striker decided to try wake him up by prodding at him. Hyena Wild asks if this was the 'place' and Striker Eureka confirms it. Hyena Wild eventually declares that his name was Ravage. Striker doubted it, but he soon accepted it. The newly dubbed Ravage eventually got better once again, and began to yearn for Striker's position as a 'leader' of a mockery of a Strike Group. Striker Eureka hated Ravage's presence, and told Crimson Typhoon to look after him. Crimson Typhoon took it apon himself to train Ravage, which he saw promise in.

After he got used to the life style of the group of Jaegers, he forged a sort of friendship with Crimson Typhoon, who served as Striker Eureka's 'right hand man'. Crimson Typhoon taught him how to fight better. However, Crimson Typhoon easily became attracted to Ravage, and continuously pined over, which Striker Eureka found 'embarrasing'. Unfortunately, Crimson Typhoon became so obsessed with Ravage that he would often assult Ravage, which Ravage himself was too afraid to admit to anyone but Horizon Brave and Striker Eureka. Striker Eureka would often threaten to exile Crimson Typhoon, but Ravage pleased him not to, as Crimson Typhoon is clever, and would end up killing both of them. Striker Eureka decides to keep a close eye on the two, making sure Ravage isn't alone in Crimson Typhoon's presence.

A month or so after these events, Ravage had become a trusted Jaeger in Striker Eureka's platoon. When Ravage (along with Tacit Ronin and Crimson Typhoon) comes back from a usual border patrol, Tacit Ronin informs Striker Eureka that there are signs or Kaiju. Striker then realised that Ravage was more concerned, and asked Ravage what was wrong. After Ravage ran off his mouth a bit too much, Striker lashed out at him, throwing him against a wall. Ravage and Striker soon faced off.

Nor Striker or Ravage had the advantage in the battle, although Ravage managed to claw a long scar running down Striker's visor, blinding him on that side of the face, while Striker sliced Ravage's shoulder open. Striker had Ravage pinned down when he was distracted by a sound (Ravage's wrist blade suspension tightening), and Ravage took the oppurtunity, raking the blade down Striker's waist, in which Striker retaliated by impaling Ravage in his 'good' shoulder. Ravage then manages to tear open Striker Eureka's chest, revealing his now obselete chest launcher. Half blind and severely wounded, Striker surrenderes. Ravage tells Stiker Eureka to get lost, but not before Striker Eureka would ask Horizon Brave, Tacit Ronin and Crimson Typhoon to come with him. Horizon Brave was the first to accept his invitation, before she was followed by Tacit Ronin. Crimson Typhoon contemplated his invite for a while, but declined, having too strong a bond with Ravage.

After Ravage declared himself as leader when Striker Eureka and his posse were well out of sight, many of the Jaegers underestimated him due to his size and reputation. Crimson Typhoon then asked Ravage about the Kaiju teeth embedded in his neck. Ravage, desperate for acceptance, tells them that he had killed a Kaiju, and used its teeth to look fearsome. The other Jaegers were impressed, and let him stay, although he didn't become a leader yet.

As the story of Ravage killing a rather large Kaiju (judging by the size of the teeth) spread, more Jaegers started to accept him. However, when told to prove this story and to kill a Kaiju in front of the other Jaegers, he hesitated. Crimson Typhoon asked if this story was fake, but Ravage denied it, and searched for a Kaiju, his tag team of Jaegers trailing behind him. Eventually they do find one, but the Kaiju is scared away by Ravage's large shadow. Ravage chased after it, but only sliced its tail before it got away. Ravage, furious, stomped back into the allyway where the Jaegers hanged around.

A while after these events, a greyish-blue Jaeger comes around to Ravage. Ravage mistakes it for Striker Eureka, but he then realises that it's actually another Japanese Jaeger, Coyote Tango. Ravage asks him to leave, but Coyote Tango resists, and the other Jaegers that tagged alongside him teased Ravage for his size. Ravage, angered, demanded that every Jaeger should respect him. Coyote Tango asked why, but Ravage only responded with tearing his conn-pod out, killing him. The followers of Coyote Tango, shocked, quickly left, besides a white and red Jaegers who was bold enough to talk to Ravage face to face, but he too soon left after his colleague told him to. Ravage was soon accepted as a replacement for Striker Eureka.

Quite a while after Striker Eureka, Horizon Brave and Tacit Ronin were exiled from the pack of Jaegers, Ravage orders patrols on the very outskirts of the boarders to track down Striker Eureka and his posse. This is due to the fact that he is fearful that Striker Eureka will come back to take over once again. Crimson Typhoon and Vulcan Specter came back from a daily border patrol, saying that they had found both Striker Eureka and his new partner, Gipsy Danger. Crimson Typhoon tells him that they had given them the slip. When Ravage sends out another patrol to find them, they find out that they had left already. Ravage rants about how Crimson Typhoon and Vulcan Specter could 'accidentally' find them, but when he wanted them to.

Ravage and a platoon of other Jaegers find the territory of Striker Eureka and the others, but found that they had already left. Ravage forgot about it, and returned to his camp.

One night, a while after these events, whilst Ravage was wandering around the outskirts of the territory, he came across the white and red Jaeger he talked to the day he killed Coyote Tango, but soon realised he was all bark and no bite. After talking with him for a while, he began to like him. They agreed to meet eachother at the same spot at the same time every night. Trouble is, Viktor lives in the 'dirt place' (the desert adjacent to Oblivion Bay), far away from Ravage's camp. This means Viktor would have to travel for 5 days just to see Ravage, However, this does not deter Viktor. Ravage is unknowing to the fact that Viktor is really just a spy.

Viktor reminds Ravage that their meetings is risky business, but Ravage could really care less, as he can always respond with I'm the leader, I make the rules. Ravage soon reveals his original name, Hyena WIld, to Viktor, but when Viktor asked Ravage if he could call him that, he quickly answered no.

Later, Tacit Ronin and Horizon Brave come back to Ravage, seemingly fatigued. Ravage asks why they had come back, and they tell them that Gipsy Danger had died, and Striker Eureka didn't want anything to do with them anymore. Ravage reminds the two that they should be more loyal to him next time, and tells them that Striker Eureka was indeed a Jaeger not to be trusted. The two Jaegers tell Ravage that they were once members of his group of Jaegers, and although Ravage was slightly irritated, he let the two Jaegers in again.

After much time passes, Tacit Ronin goes out to patrol the outskirts of Ravage's 'territory', and comes back with the body of a deceased Jaeger. Ravage immediently recognises the Jaeger as Striker Eureka, and asks Tacit Ronin what happened to him. Tacit Ronin tells Ravage that he did not kill him (which is true), and that judging by his wounds, he probably fell from quite a height, which killed him. Ravage asked why Striker Eureka would be so clumsy, and Horizon Brave figured two scenarios, one, Striker Eureka may have been attacked by a flying Kaiju, much like Otachi, and the Kaiju dropped him from the sky, or two, he may of somehow committed suicide. Ravage asked why Striker Eureka would kill himself, and Horizon Brave told him that Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka may have been close prior to Gipsy Danger's death.

After one meeting with Viktor, Ravage comes back slightly sickly and tired. Crimson Typhoon, concerned for his health, asks what is wrong. Ravage snaps at Crimson Typhoon and tells him to 'piss off', but Crimson Typhoon drags Ravage to the medbay that Horizon Brave occupies. Horizon Brave is puzzled, suspecting Ravage has a rare disease that basically turns a Jaeger's insides to rust, which happened to a Jaeger named Lucky Seven long ago. Horizon Brave is shocked to find out that Ravage complains about wanting to expel a material that wells up in his 'stomach'. Horizon Brave asks him if he had -ahem- fornicated with any other male Jaegers lately. Ravage obviously does not answer Horizon Brave's query and leaves, somewhat flustered.

One morning, Ravage was confronted by a lone Jaeger, who he identified as a Jaeger which attacked him before he came to Striker Eureka's platoon and before he met Gipsy Danger. The Jaeger introduced himself as Romeo Blue, a Mark-1 American Jaeger. He had heard of Ravage, and looked for him when he did. Through a strange turn of events, Ravage learns that Romeo Blue wants the position that Ravage held. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as Striker Eureka, Ravage took on Romeo Blue, where Crimson Typhoon revealed that Romeo Blue was the new leader of the Jaegers Coyote Tango once led. Romeo Blue teased Ravage, until Ravage ordered Crimson Typhoon to kill him. He attempts, but is distracted by something. Ravage intervenes to finish the job, but the weakened Romeo Blue still had the audacity to attack Ravage.

Ravage managed to claw a wound from Romeo Blue's chin to his hip, effectively cutting him in half. This kills him, although Romeo Blue reveals that they had found out that there is a traitor amongst Ravage's men before he dies. Ravage wondered what this had meant, but he brushed it off soon enough.

After this, Viktor and Ravage meet once again, but Viktor doesn't know that Ravage had killed Romeo Blue until Ravage admits it. This causes Viktor to become a little uneasy around Ravage, but Ravage assures him that he deserved it. Ravage then asks Viktor if he could tell him who this 'traitor' is, but as he is about to tell him, they are interrupted by Crimson Typhoon, who questions why Viktor is there in the first place. Viktor is confused at why Crimson Typhoon is so aggressive, but Ravage stops Crimson Typhoon from attacking him. Crimson Typhoon makes fun of Ravage, but reprimands him for not chasing out Viktor when he first saw him. Ravage admits that he had been seeing Viktor for a while, and Crimson Typhoon tells him this is the last time he will, and forces him to leave Viktor alone.

Ravage complies until he has to meet with Viktor again. Viktor urges Ravage that he should come with him to Jaggedclan, but Ravage declines. Viktor then asks if they can run away, to which Ravage declines again, though he slaps Viktor this time. Viktor remembers that he should tell Ravage who the traitor is, but he is interrupted when Crimson Typhoon suddenly arrived out of the blue and attacks him, giving him a good beating before Ravage stops Crimson Typhoon from killing Viktor.

Crimson Typhoon asks why he shouldn't, and turns on Ravage, pinning him down. Crimson Typhoon confesses that he was originally the one who brought Coyote Tango to the camp in the first place, but he wanted Coyote Tango to kill Striker Eureka, not Ravage. This is also why Crimson Typhoon knew that Romeo Blue wanted Ravage's power. Ravage realises that he wanted to kill Striker Eureka, not Ravage, and Ravage, surprised at the revelation, is quick to overpower Crimson Typhoon and exile him. Viktor asks if he can go on with meeting Ravage, but Ravage turns around and leaves instead of answering him.

After Crimson Typhoon is exiled, the said Jaeger's betrayal traumatized Ravage, rendering him nearly mute. Tacit Ronin, his newly assigned deputy, did most of the talking. If someone attempted to talk to Ravage, he would usually respond with a small groan or sound of distaste.

Later, Ravage is on a border patrol when he finds Crimson Typhoon fighting with three other Jaegers, a black and blue one, a blue and orange and a white and red one, who he recognises as Viktor and his family. It is apparently too late, and he is horrified to see Crimson Typhoon being pulled in half, Viktor ripping his head off. This, of course, kills him instantly. When the three see Ravage, they run away, but Viktor turns around and confronts Ravage. Viktor introduces the other two as Sickle (the black and blue one, a.k.a Viktor's father figure) and Flick (the blue and orange one), but Ravage could care less. Ravage asks why they killed him, and Viktor says that he attacked them first. Ravage lashes out at him, telling him that he didn't have to kill him (kinda hypocritical).

Viktor tries to reason with Ravage, but Ravage snaps at him, telling him to never come back. Ravage mourns Crimson Typhoon, even if Crimson Typhoon took advantage of him several times.

After Ravage comes back, Matador Fury, and ageing Jaeger, asked Ravage what had happened, Ravage snapped at him, telling him to sod off. Matador Fury is offended and tells Ravage that such a pathetic Jaeger who lets another Jaeger (Crimson Typhoon) do his dirty work shouldn't lead a legion of Jaegers with such potential. Ravage, now enraged, attempted to lash out at Matador Fury, but stopped suddenly before he could hurt him, and Ravage ran off.

His Jaegers went looking for him, and were in for quite a surprise when they found Ravage with inverted colours and a blazing red visor. He (extravagantly) introduced himself as Sangai, and told the Jaegers that he was really just Chuck Hansen, a long deceased ranger, possessing Ravage. he also says that this was the first time it worked, suggesting that Ravage's state of mind is what lead him to be unable to supress him anymore. Sangai then goes back to the camp without another word. He also reminds the Jaegers that Ravage himself said he would only serve Chuck Hansen.

Not too long after this, Matador Fury is found dead in the middle of the camp, with his throat ripped out. Many believe that it was the work of Sangai, but it cannot be proven. Sangai himself then reveals that he indeed is the murderer.

After he did so, he was swarmed by angry Jaegers, who bought enough time for Tacit Ronin an Matador Fury to say farewell to eachother. However, Sangau isn't able to defeat the Jaegers, and within moments, Chuck lets Sangai turn back into Ravage, and he gives up, fleeing hastily, making sure to never come back again. He lives, but has resorted to his old ways of trying to hide from battle, however, even though he has gone back to his anti-social ways.

He soon meets another Jaeger named Echo Saber in the dirt place. The two get along, but that may be because the Ravage is the only Jaeger that Echo Saber knows in Oblivion Bay, and Ravage doesn't want anything to do with any other Jaeger, he is still nearly mute, however.

During his stay, Ravage acts rather strangely, making a huge hole in the ground where he slept for what seemed like forever. Echo Saber tried to coax him out, but Ravage tells him to leave him alone until he says so. One day, Ravage does not ward off Echo Saber, and he enters Ravage's new found home. He is shocked to find that Whe had kittens (a.k.a baby jaegers) over night. As Echo Saber did not know much about Ravage's past, he first thought Ravage thought the kittens were unhealthy. Ravage decided to name the three kittens he had Nhionestrife, Arsone and Twyster, which are the twisted versions of species of Kaiju (Neostrife, Arson and Twister).

Unbeknownst to Ravage, Viktor had left Jaggeclan to become an Outspoken, and had found where he had been living. He did not dare to confront him however, as he believed Ravage was still angry at Viktor. He did however talk to his kittens, which were obviously his. Nhionestrife wondered why his father never was there, but Viktor told him it was for the better. The three kittens decided not to tell Ravage.

After the kittens had grown (Jaegers tend to grow like grass), Ravage believed he shouldn't have to live with the reminder of his old partner. He took them to the middle of the desert and told them that he could not take care of them any longer. Ravage reminded the young Jaegers to not be bossy around other Jaegers just because they were capable of flight, and promptly left. Nhionestrife was extremely distressed, but the more mature Twyster and Arsone comforted him and left.

Two years after Ravage was exiled from the clan of Oblivion Bay, Echo Saber was being chased by a Kaiju, and Ravage went after it to save his friend. The Kaiju veered its attention to Ravage and chased him until they were both on the very ridge of a cliff. Echo Saber eventually caught up with him, distracting the Kaiju. Ravage took the chance to kill it, but in the frenzy, he and the Kaiju were knocked off a cliff. He hung onto the very edge of the cliff, and an onlooking Viktor suddenly burst from his hiding spot in a plea to save him.

Before Viktor could even reach the cliff, The Kaiju grabbed onto Ravage and dragged him off the cliff face. He tried to land comfortably but realised the floor was covered with stalagmites. When he reached the bottom of the cliff, he was skewered, and immediately killed. Viktor quickly made his way to the bottom of the cliff. Thankfully, the Kaiju had also been killed. Viktor proceeded to lament Ravage, but in the aftermath, became friends with Echo Saber and a little bit after, Blackfang.

After his death, he joined many of the other dead Jaegers as a spirit who lived atop the Great Mountain. Striker Eureka is confused at why he's here, as he killed many. Chuck Hansen then retaliates by telling Striker Eureka that he always liked Ravage. He found it hard to fit in, especially since all the Jaegers he had murdered were there. However, Crimson Typhoon could not be found anywhere. When he asked Gipsy Danger, she said that Crimson Typhoon didn't suceed reaching the Great Mountain. This could be due to Chuck Hansen's distaste, or Crimson Typhoon's actions landed him in a place for bad Jaegers. Ravage is glad, however.

After Oblivion Bay is hit with a tsunami and flooded, Horizon Brave (who became leader after Tacit Ronin died) and the rest of Striker Eureka's clan cross the Great Mountain and subsequently meet the spirits of Striker Eureka and company. Ravage is there, but is simply in the background of it all. Some Jaegers do take notice however, and were a little puzzled on why he was there.

When Nhionestrife, Twyster and Arsone cross the Great Mountain after Horizon Brave and the other clan had, Ravage was the only one there. During this encounter, a great blizzard was raging, and without saying a word, Ravage guided his sons out of the blizzard and to the other side. He leaves right after the three get to the other side, but he is sure to keep an eye on them.

When Nhionestrife used his name as an excuse to take over Horizon Brave's platoon, Ravage was very disappointed with his sons, so he took the side of Horizon Brave when Nhionestrife and she fought. After the fight was resolved, he left to look for the long gone Viktor.

When he eventually did, he found Viktor and Echo Saber washed up on a remote island. After much prodding, he got Viktor to wake up. Viktor only got a glimpse of Ravage before he disappeared and Viktor looked around, finding that he had escaped Oblivion Bay and lives the rest of his days there.


"Please be cooperative. If you run, I’ll only kill you slower."
―Striker Eureka to Ravage

Striker Eureka: "Was it really worth it?"
Ravage: "Every moment!"
―Striker Eureka and Ravage after Striker Eureka is defeated.

"Well then, I name myself leader, and you’ll only be staying here for a little while longer, you’ll find yourself running off; I know it. Or better! You could be meeting your pilots in the drift. I’ve destroyed you!"
―Ravage's self promotion

"I don’t need you- or well I think. No, I know. I know I don’t need you. Right now, I don’t need a friend. I know that for a fact. Believe me; I’ve had quite a few."
―Gipsy Danger reunites with Striker Eureka

Gipsy Danger: "I should tell you about the time I met a Jaeger. No, no, I always meet Jaegers. I’m silly. What I should’ve said is the time I met a Jaeger for the first time in years in Oblivion Bay; or how I like to call it, Dysfunction Junction. He was small, stubborn, angry, and he doesn’t even know about the category thing for the Kaiju! He was almost as stupid as you!"
Striker Eureka: "Stupid?! I’ll show you stupid!"
―Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka try to have a conversation. 

"You don’t think you’re not the only one who’s had that privilege? I’ll have you know that I had to watch my pilots die too, and they didn’t just die from starvation or dehydration or whatever your pilots had died from- they killed each other! No regret visible in the either of them! Sliced in half! Left to bleed for hours! He did it for me!"
―Striker Eureka breaks down in front of Gipsy Danger.

Striker Eureka: "I believe that is enough, Gipsy Danger. Crimson Typhoon may be an asshole with a side of jerk, a lackey and all around pathetic suck-up, but he’s my asshole with a side of jerk, lackey and pathetic suck up. He has learnt his lesson."
Gipsy Danger: "I was just defending your territory. Something I’d think you’d be pretty adamant about."
―Gipsy Danger to Striker Eureka after she fights Crimson Typhoon and Vulcan Specter.

Gipsy Danger: "We just leave this place and when he comes around we won't be there!"
Striker Eureka: "No, we can’t just leave."
Gipsy Danger: "Uh, yeah we can, we can go inland. Dirt place is a five day travel away at a fast pace, no sleep or anything. If we did bunk down it’d probably take about seven or ten days. But if we’re quick, yeah, five days maximum."
―Striker Eureka being a scaredy cat.

Striker Eureka"Who are you!? What are you!"
Chuck"It's only me, Chuck. My appearance should be the least of your worries."
―Striker Eureka meets Chuck in a dream


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