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Algea's skull
Technical Information
Given Name Algea
Kaiju Species Reptilian
Breach Date 2029
Category Cat III
Status Killed
Kaiju Specifications
Speed 7
Strength 7
Armor 6
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Aggressive and swift
Toxicity medium
Powers Blade-fins, long tail
Weaknesses Weak armor
Target Information
City Targeted London
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Dragon Miralis
 Algea is a Category III Kaiju that emerges from the Breach in 2029. It is later defeated by Dragon Miralis


The Kaiju had a body similar to Scunner but with a lizard like head. On each hand his middle finger stretched out into a curved blade 3x longer than its other fingers. In between its arms and legs (waist area) it had a pair of smaller arms but instead of hands, it had a weapon resembling a fan. It got its name because of the mossy green tint in its scales, opposed to the usual blue/black.


jaegers destroyed/ dragon miralis,/