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Technical Information
Given Name Antlion
Kaiju Species Based off of Slattern
Breach Date May 16th, 2028, December 2, 2039 (re-breach)
Category 5 (first breach), 7 (second breach-present day)
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 402 feet (first breach), 890 feet (second breach)
Weight 335,000 (first breach), 973,000 (second breach)
Speed 6 (first breach), 5 (second breach)
Strength 7 (first breach), 9 (second breach)
Armor 4 (first breach), 7 (second breach)
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Unpredictable, high damage
Toxicity 9
Powers Ant-lion like jaws atop its head (primary mouth), insectoid claws, Sharp teeth (secondary mouth), agility and speed
Weaknesses Claw joints, eyes, neck, chest
Target Information
City Targeted New Zealand
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
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"What in the depths of hell is that?" --Sergeant Jasper Pattenson, Second Kaiju War

Antlion is a Category 7 Kaiju that was created during the Second Kaiju War. It emerged from the Australian Breach to attack, but instead of hitting Australia, it turned its attention to New Zealand.


Antlion has a very large, muscular body, similar to Slattern's.The inside of the mouth glows a deep ocean blue.Antlion's modified form made it three times larger than its original size, elongated its Antlion jaws, gave it a stinger to replace the pincer, and more spikes bloomed from its back.

Antlion was originally a modified clone of another clone of Slattern, which was finished right before.


Antlion first emerged from the Australian Breach on May 16th, 2028, and was originally planned to aim for eastern Australia instead of New Zealand. However, it payed no attention to Australia, and began to destroy the island of New Zealand and neighboring locations. In the middle of its rampage, Jolly Combat was deployed onto the scene, and put a brief stop to Antlion's wrath. The ensuing fight nearly killed Antlion, as Jolly Combat managed to break and slice off one of it's Ant Lion-jaws, and create a deep wound in its stomach. Antlion managed to escape a violent death, and hid under the waters off New Zealand's coast.

It patiently waited for Jolly Combat to search elsewhere, and then slowly swam back into the Australian Breach (not without difficulty of course, for it was slowly dying because of the stomach wound.) Jolly Combat was told to stay on alert in case Antlion returned. Years later, Antlion re-emerged from the Australian Breach on December 22, 2039 (the Breach was, in the meantime, expanded to allow Antlion through due to its larger size), and resumed its earlier destruction of New Zealand. Jolly Combat was repaired and re-deployed with Defender Gamma to finish off Antlion once and for all.

Jolly Combat and Defender Gamma holded the kajiu before backup arrive to keep Antlion away from New Zealand for a short time, but had difficulty stopping the Kaiju, for it was modified by the Precursors to withstand the Jaeger's attacks. After almost an hour of battle the Jaegers were strating to lose,so the Kaiju gained the upper hand and crush Defender Gamma and bit the con pod of Jolly Combat,when backup arrvied the city of new zealand was destroyed. Delta Skärare,Strider Zeta and Temasek Titan has a four hour fight. Temasek Titan managed to have stabbed the Kaiju through the back, slicing many of its insides apart and cutting up its neck, killing it. The Jaegers watched as Antlion slowly fell into the ocean, dead.

Antlion's remains were put inside of an Australian museum, although the major remains were the skull and a jaw-bone.

Antlion's desecration of New Zealand took a year to clean up, and its Kaiju Blue was quickly disposed of from the ocean.