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"No matter what must be sacrificed, humanity comes first."
―Arctic Defense Corps motto

The Arctic Defense Corps. (abbreviated ADC) is an organization created by the United Nations, patterned after the original Pan Pacific Defense Corps. This Corps represents an international alliance of eight countries (Denmark/Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, United States, Sweden, Scotland and Canada) across the Arctic Ocean, bound together by the shared goal of containing, combating and eliminating the Kaiju.


Following the finalization of the First Kaiju War on January 12, 2025, the world entered a short lived state of peace, which ended in 2027 with the beginning of the Second Kaiju War. The U.N. then started this organization as a Pan Atlantic Defense Corps Subsidiary branch, in order to maintain constant surveillance and prevent potential Kaiju attacks in the Northernmost regions of the World; This indeed happened during 2028, with the opening of another Breach from the Infraverse in the North Sea, followed by another Breach officially in the Arctic region a few months later. This organization was created following the system and tradition created by the PPDC, in order to combat and defeat the Alien Threat in these territories.

The Arctic Defense Corps was eventually discredited by its own success; as the governments of the member countries struggled to hold on, people turned to the ADC which effectively became the ruling body of those nations, enforcing marshal law with excessive brutality. By the closing of the Arctic Breach in 2055 the organization had been disavowed by the larger Defense Corps program and its funding cut by the united nations, though private funding from wealthy industrialists rendered this measure ineffective in stopping the ADC from becoming a new European dictatorship.

Shatterdome LocationsEdit

  • Flag-russia Polyarny, Russia
  • Flag-russia Tiksi, Russia
  • United-states-flag Port Clarence, US
  • United-states-flag Point Barrow, US
  • Flag of Canada Banks Island, Canada
  • Flag of Iceland Ísafjörður, Iceland
  • Flag of Norway Frøya, Norway
  • Flag of Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
  • Flag of Scotland Kelso, Scotland
  • Flag of Poland Warsaw, Poland


The structure and function of the Arctic Defense Corps is not dissimilar from the military nor the PPDC or PADC. The individual ranked as Marshall is the main official chiefly at the head of all operations concerning Jaeger deployments and liaisons with the United Nations. At least two personnel based positions are classified under the rank of Officer and Ranger. Over twelve positions exist under the rank of officer, providing individuals of various expertise to aid in the study of Kaiju biology and behavior, while others, like J-Tech, centralized its focus on combat and supportive positions required to rear academy hopefuls trying become Jaeger pilots and the safeguard of the populace in cities attacked by Kaiju. Rangers are required to undergo a long semester of training before being potentially recruited as a Jaeger pilot.

Divisions and PositionsEdit

Jaeger AcademyEdit

  • Fightmaster
  • Specialist Training Sergeants
  • Chief of Psychology
  • Conn-Pod Control Instructor

Kaiju ScienceEdit

  • K-Watch
  • Kaiju Bio-Harvester
  • Hazmat Officer
  • Cryptozoologists
  • Psychic research

Jaeger operationsEdit

  • Weapons Specialist
  • Jaeger Engineer
  • Battle Programmer
  • Neural Bridge Operator

Strike Group personnelEdit

  • Shatterdome Marshall
  • LOCCENT Mission Controller
  • ADC Strike Infantry
  • ADC Tank Crewman
  • ADC Tank Marine
  • ADC Assault Pilot
  • ADC Jaeger Transport Pilot
  • ADC Ranger

Notable MembersEdit


K-Science OfficersEdit

  • Hermann Gottlieb
  • Crystal Yomoflach

J-Tech/LOCCENT OfficersEdit


Jaegers StationedEdit