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 It was foretold that a legendary Kaiju had existed since the dawn of time. This Kaiju was more powerful and deadly than any other Kaiju, and it was ready to bring the end of the world.


Armaggedon was created as a final weapon to be used should all else fail. This being resembled a Golem from folklore albeit a demonic once and it was the size of a continent. Armaggedon first appeared when the breach shifted and cracked open further and further until it was able to climb out. The Kaiju proceeded to destroy USA before moving on to other countries.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

The powerful Kaiju is resistant to conventional weapons to powerful nuclear bombs given its continental size. Its body seems to be made out of earth, rock and magma. It has 4 volcanoes on its back and it emits a fiery orange glow from its eye sockets and mouth. It has two horns on the sides of its head, all pointing forwards much like a bull's. It also has a powerful drill horn on its nose that allows it to drill even to the core of the earth.

Its head is located directly in front of its continent sized, continent shaped body. Its powerful long rocky legs enable it to leap across entire countries at once while a single blow from its hammer like fists could cause a magnitude 10 earthquake. It can breathe enough fire in one go to char and wipe out an entire country's population. It is also capable of firing explosive nuke like magma filled rocks from its volcanoes and its mouth.

The body heat of this Kaiju is so powerful that any plantlife within 10km of it would burst into flames along with any biological lifeform. Any water around it begins boiling. Being Golem like, it has lots of earth-like features.

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