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Ashleigh Jameson is the pilot of Mark 6 Jaeger, Valor Omega.

History Edit

Ashleigh was born in a stinking rich family. Yes, they had a private J-Tech firm, Yes they had expensive clothes, YES, they had a big house. But nothing really satisfied with what she had. No, she wasn't a spoiled jerk, she just wanted something money can't really buy, nor your family's reputation, or orders: a Best Friend. Her parents say that she's too noble for a friend, and should have a boyfriend at an early age.

Ashleigh Jameson
Biographical information
Birth name Ashleigh Graham Jameson
Nickname(s) Red Valor
Born 15 April 2011
Citizenship American
Physical description
Height 1.70 m
Career information
Occupation Jaeger Pilot
Rank Ranger
Strike Group Moyulan Shatterdome
Deployments 4
Affiliations PPDC
Jaegers Piloted Valor Omega
Out-of-Universe information

She secretly despised her parents being so caught up in their attempt to keep up their reputation (and their INCREDIBLY picky behaviour.), and she was forced to segregate himself from her parents by running away... with 50% of the family's money

Asheigh has a sweet spot for KFC, and Sushi Tei, and Sinigang, and pretty much anything that isn't Cabbage or Lettuce.

Personality Edit

Ashleigh is very outgoing and spunky and not many people can see she's having a major depression inside until night. If you remember correctly, she has a little issue during sleep. No, not Insomnia, she doesn't have that gene mutation. She has an intense inner conflict, causing her to shiver and clench her pillow hard. This may prevent her from sleeping, and evidence of the conflict is seen the next morning.

When people question if she's alright, her normal attitude disappears and she becomes defensive. She may show signs of anger toward those who talk to her in this stage. If anyone tries to reach down further, they get yelled at by her. If they reach down too far, she may resort to violence to try and defend that she's not having a nervous breakdown from her conflict.

Skills Edit

Along with being a Jaeger Pilot, Ashleigh is very good at cooking. She knows a large number of recipes and can create a large number of dishes from a limited number of ingredients, and how to best prepare them. Her cooking abilities are so advanced that they can impress Gorden Ramsay.