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The Bane of Kaiju
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 1000+
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 100m
Weight 12,000 Tons
"In order to defeat monsters... i became a monster" -Jordan Lancaster.

Atlas is an interdimensionary super-weapon with such an extremely advanced design that it is capable of formulating its own thoughts and emotions, and as such, is more commonly referred to as "he" by its pilot instead of an inanimate object. Originating from within the anteverse itself, It is the weapon in which Jordan Lancaster returns to the human world in after his supposed death at the breach. 


Atlas is a hyper advanced super weapon created by a race whom opposed the Kaiju and their creators, the precursors. It originates from within the anteverse itself where it was constructed and armed. The precursors themselves discovered the construction of the super weapon which could potentially win the war by itself, and seized its power core, rendering Atlas forever immobile. However, after he was blown through the interdimensionary breach in epsilon crux, Jordan crafted a substitute power core from the remains of his Jaegers own engine, allowing the awakening of the devastatingly powerful atlas for the first time.


Atlas is a powerful being. An enormous pseudo-mechanical being created from a strange extradimensionary, synthetic fibre identified as "transmetal". It is utterly enormous, standing head and shoulders over Jaegers in height. It was built for the purpose of single handedly eradicating both the kaiju and the tyrannical precursors alike. Atlas is more powerful than any Jaeger in existence and is quite easily capable of slaying even the most powerful and large of Kaiju. However, there is a drawback. Upon launching Atlas, doctor Mara Kraff, whom had a great hand in the weapons construction asked Jordan if he was fine with "forsaking his humanity" in order to awaken the weapon, something which he did without a second thought.

Kaiju KilledEdit

In the 5 years that Jordan had "died", he had taken Atlas and fought the precursors and their kaiju head on. This resulted in Atlas becoming responsible for the deaths of over a thousand different kaiju, a testament to the extent of its immense battle power, resulting in the utter crippling of The Precursors and forcing them to flee the planet in which they were using as their hub at the time.



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