Azure Defiant is a MK VIII Jaeger which was created in response of to the Western Philippines Kaiju Siege that caused a lot of deaths and left 9,021 people injured.

 Azure Defiant
 Custom pacific rim jaeger azure defiant by rs2studios-d6nx7t7
Technical Information
Given Name  Azure Defiant
Nickname(s)  Anak ng Bakal
Launch Date  May 11th 2025
Classification Mark VIII
Status  Destroyed
Country of Origin  Philippines
Jaeger Specifications
Height  245ft. (75m)
Weight  1,950 Tons
Speed  8
Strength  8
Armor  7
Battle Specifications
Equipment  Escape Pods,Thermal Detection, Medusea 1.3 Conn pad and Camo protect
Operating System JTF Wolverines V.91.1
Energy Core  
Weapons  Hornet Missiles Tesla Blade (21 Gigawatts) Plasma Railguns
Body Language  Aggressive Soldier
Power Moves  Tesla Rush
Pilots  Mark Anthony Joseph(Deceased) Erin Joseph(Deceased)
Kaiju Killed  11
Out-of-Universe information


During the Construction along side Midsummer Night, Coyote Tango 3.0 and Specture Reaper. After The incident of the encounter Akula, the construction of the Jaeger began in the Miami Shatterdome. Azure is piloted by Brothers Mark Anthony and Erin Joseph. Their first deployment was to kill the Category III Kaiju, Grimm, before it reaches the miracle mile of Manila alongside Devildog Ruler. After the incident of Akula, Azure Defiant washed up on the shore after collapsing from the severe damage during the fight. After a quick but huge restoration, Azure was deployed to fight Karuka in the battle which is known as the Anchorage Brawl which Erin had a blackout after Karuka slammed the Jaeger against the walls of the Shatterdome, leaving Mark Anthony to pilot Azure on his own to kill Karuka. Erin Wakes up in the hospital due to the seizure as the same thing Tasmin Sevier had but as Mark explained to Newt about Erin was married to Tasmin before she died of cancer. After Erin recovered from the incident as he was diagnosted of a flu that wasn't as bad as Tasmin had. It was soon found that the Tesla Sword exposed gigawatts that sent destructive neuropathical pulses to Erin's brain. Later in 2040 the atttempt to close up the Breach, Azure Defiant...

The Jaeger, suffering extensive damage was laid at Payatas dump site intended to be later on scrapped for metal, however it was due to the interest of Ms. Mako Mori's restoration team, the same team that was tasked in the restoration program of the Mark 3 Gipsy Danger, that ultimately pulled Azure Defiant towards its slow rebirth. It was Ms. Mori's interest in the unique dual tesla "kali sticks" fighting style and its signature move "Redonda Birada" (Circular Barrage) of Azure that gave the Jaeger a place in Mako's perspective to be a Jaeger worth restoring.

Restoration on the Azure Defiant was slow, with it only being 45% complete by the time the defense post in Hong Kong lost Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha.

Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the Pentecost and Chuck Henson, along with the equally valiant effort of Raleigh and Mako, the Pacific Breach was seemingly sealed, however, Dr.Newt and Gotlieb (after experincing recurring Kaiju drift memories), having an inkling of worse things that could come, as well as with strong backing of Marshall Hercules Henson, restoration continued on Azure Defiant as well as Crimson Typhoon (along with other Jaegers) with both equally needing new pilots.

Azure Defiant's restoration concluded and was later on renamed "Zealot Red", locally it was dubbed as "Babaylan" as it was the first Jaeger in Philippine history to be completely piloted by 2 female pilots, Shella and Rona.

The Jaeger now had 8 built in retractable bladed melee weapons found in its forearms, knuckles, elbows, knees and feet. Its only ranged weapon is similar to those of Striker Eureka's chest missiles, however, plans were initially made to incorporate plasma casters its chest area, but the ensuing energy discharge would have caused significant splash damage on the jaeger itself.

The Jaeger would not see action though as the unit became more of a National Icon, a symbol of vigilance and fortitude, regardless, Zealot Red remained housed in the Fort "Tanggulan" Shatterdome located in Manila Bay, with its pilots helping train drift compatible candidates as reserve pilots.


  • Part of the 4 Jaeger Quadruplet Group
  • Believed to be in Oblivion Bay
  • The Jaeger is known for its aggressive fighting and dependence on its dual hand held Tesla Blades which originated from the brothers' Arnis training.

Kaiju kill roster Edit

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Grimm 10/17/2017 Manila, Phillipines Devildog Ruler
Atticon 5/20/2018 Puerto San Jose Solo
Hidoi 6/14/2019 Juneau,Alaska Solo
Snatcher 7/22/2019 San Diego Solo
Akula 7/4/2025 Hawaii Terra Stallion
Zeptora 2/29/2026 Anchorage, Alaska Solo
Ceres 1/8/2027 Baffin Bay, Canada Solo
Cateyes 1/12/2028 Lima, Peru Solo
Interceptor 1/14/2028 Mexico City, Mexico


Zaptor 3/19/2029 Oregon,USA Unknown Jaeger

Basilisk Zephyr

Crusade Magma


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