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Basilisk Centauri
Technical Information
Given Name Basilisk Centauri
Nickname(s) The Beast

Volt-Head's Jaeger

Launch Date Unknown Date, 2029
Classification Unique Mark - Inapplicable to normal Jaeger standards
Status Operational
Country of Origin Patchwork - Final build location: Blue Reef Shatterdome, Fiji
Jaeger Specifications
Height 400ft at full height, 360ft in battle stance.
Weight Estimated 4000 tons
Speed 14
Strength 19
Armor 16
Battle Specifications
Equipment "Shoulder-Blades" upper-spine mounted armour/weapon pack. Greatly enhances the Basilisk's combat capabilities.
Operating System Experimental AI-Triple-Drift System designed by Andrew Viscus.
Energy Core Triple thermonuclear cores.
Weapons Wrist-mounted Fang-Blades, design highly reminiscent of Tacit Ronin's design.

Melta-Grip claws - hundreds of welding torches activated together to melt Jaeger armour or Kaiju flesh.

Fuel Burn - Just like GD, nuclear cores produce excess heat. Unlike GD, the Basilisk utilises this via "Dragon-Breath".

Anti-Kaiju Missile Tubes - placed for a high-arc vertical-impact flight path.

More to be documented soon

Body Language Feral Animal fighting style


Power Moves Skull-Crush

Dragons Breath

Pilots Byron "Volt-Head" Kraus

AI (Via Perma-Drift with Byron)

Occasionally other pilots have been known to operate the machine; such as Veronica Martinez and Clarisse Linn

Kaiju Killed Solo

Kaiju Kill-count: 0 Jaeger Kill-count: 3 - Team: Kaiju Kill-Count: 0 Jaeger Kill-Count: 2

Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Ring of Fire (Despite massive stats the Basilisk Centauri isn't considered an overpowered Jaeger in Ring of Fire)

More info soon...

Creator The Winged Pyro That Drowned

The Basilisk Centauri is a unique Jaeger that features in Ring of Fire, a fanfic by The Winged Pyro That Drowned (Also known as Basilisk Centauri on Wikia).



The Basilisk Centauri took somewhere around a year to complete the design of, as rapid advances in Jaeger tech were being produced every time they thought they had finished improving the design. Byron himself, with the aid of AI, had a huge influence towards it. 

The Jaeger had a huge emphasis on the Juggernaut style: capable of taking almost any kind of punishment while dealing twice as much in return. It may be fast, but that is not what it relies on in a fight. 


Parts of the Jaeger came from factories around the world; nuclear cores from America, gravitational stabilisers from Australia (designed in New Zealand, mass-produced in Australia), etc. It's final birthplace was the Blue Reef Shatterdome in Fiji.


Byron "Volt-Head" Kraus is the solo pilot of this massive Jaeger. The solo piloting is made possible only through Byron's AI, an electrical implant in his head. 

Right at the start of World War Three, Byron offered to let Veronica Martinez and Clarisse Linn pilot it with him - in the last fight he'd been taken out early by an EMP. If there were three Drifters, the dangers of the Basilisk getting taken out would be lessened.


Everything else someone might find interesting about the Basilisk Centauri. 


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  • The Basilisk Centauri is inspired by a Cybran unit in the game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, in the Blackops Unleashed mod. 
  • The Basilisk Centauri got its second name Centauri because I was just thinking of Alpha Centauri (that star system or something) and Basilisk Centauri just sounded good.