"Basilisk is ready to roll!" -Jason Dallas.
Basilisk Surgeon is a Mark 8 Jaeger made in the Seattle area. It is stationed there.

Basilisk Surgeon
Technical Information
Given Name Basilisk Surgeon
Nickname(s) Doc
Launch Date September 29, 2053
Classification Mark VIII
Status Active
Country of Origin Seattle
Jaeger Specifications
Height 275 ft
Weight 20 tons
Speed 18
Strength 15
Armor 30
Battle Specifications
Equipment AI, Auto eject, Self Destruct
Operating System Hydrogen power cells
Energy Core Nuclear Fusion
Weapons Chain Swords, Elbow Rockets, "Mole" Missiles
Body Language Brawler
Power Moves Elbow Rocket, Moles, Axe Kick
Pilots Jason and Leonardo Dallas
Kaiju Killed 1
Out-of-Universe information

History Edit

Kaiju Kill: Orochi (Category 5, September 30, 2053)

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