Basilisk Zephyr
Jaeger basilisk zephyr by sethhm-d8sqrjc
Technical Information
Given Name Basilisk Zephyr
Nickname(s) Tornado and Dino
Launch Date December 25th 2028
Classification Mark 4
Status destroyed
Country of Origin United States
Jaeger Specifications
Height 244 ft (74 Miles)
Weight 75,500,000
Speed 8
Strength 9
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment J-14 Dorsal Thrust Engines, Medusa-3 Connpod Ejection Points, 'Icebreaker' Chest Prow, 'Bug Ear' Amplified Radar Protrusions (connpod mount).
Operating System Janus-7 COS
Energy Core B12 Jupiter Spark
Weapons Octo-Punch AP Cannon (x6, arm mount), Leg Choppers (x2, lower leg mount), Razor Cutlass (x2, lower arm mount, storable), 'Icebreaker' (chest mount)
Body Language Aggressive Mercenary
Power Moves Saber Scissor, Point Blank and Hug of Death
Pilots Anne and Eric Robinson
Kaiju Killed 11
Out-of-Universe information
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Basilisk Zephyr is a Mark 4 jaeger

pacific rim 2 Edit

the last line of defence Edit

It is the of the jaegers that was destroyed by category 6,hiroshi.

Kaiju kill rosterEdit

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Hyde 12/16/2029 Samar, Philippines solo
Tourx 5/25/2030 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Solo
Fiend 10/9/2031 Hawaii Midsummer Night
Kilovolt 1/31/2032 Melbourne, Australia Solo
Extinction 7/24/2033 Mindanao, Philippines Solo
Mayday 7/29/2033 Los Angeles Solo
Withersquid 7/30/2033 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Solo
Hardship 8/28/2039 Auckland, New Zealand Solo
Vein 9/25/2040 Brisbane, Australia Solo
Flain 10/4/2041 Kuching, Malaysia Solo
Arachnid 10/31/2042 Acapulco, Mexico Sigma Arctic
Reaper 8/30/2043 Siberia Solo
Snaketail 1/2/2044 Sydney, Australia Solo