The Battle for New York was a major battle in 2037 that started when Nova Sierra was destroyed by two catagory IV Kaiju after dealing with a catagory III. 


Initial ContactEdit

The battle began when Nova Sierra invesitaged a catagory III Kaiju and easily killed it, little did the pilots know that it was just a scout for the larer, main force. Two catagory IV Kaiju lept out and quickly gutted Nova Sierra , killing the Pilots. Freedom Omega and Olympic Royal are dispatched from the New York City Shatterdome .

Main BattleEdit

The main part of the battle began when Freedom Omega and Olympic Royal were dispatched from the New York City Shatterdome and quickly closed on the two Catagory IV Kaiju sent to destroy New York City. 

Freedom Omega was hit first, with a quick stab to the left arm and was quickly crippled, but managed to get a punch to the jaw in and temporarily stunned the Kaiju. Olympic Royal grabbed the Kaiju's arms while Freedom Omega shot the Kaiju multiple times with its untouched Fist Plasma Cannon, which lead to the fist Kaijus downfall. 

Unknown to the pilots, the other Kaiju was bidding its time and lashed with its stinger-like tail to pierce the control pod of Olympic Royal . The decapitated Jaeger fell to the ocean floor.

Freedom Omega was badly cripped but managed to get multiple punches in before being struck in the leg with the Kaiju's tail-spike. The Crippled Jaeger grapped the tail, still lodged into the leg, and twisted...detatching the tail from the creatures' body. In a fury, the Kaiju went berzerk and started clawing anything, seemingly blind and struck the control-pod of the Jeager. Stacy Obern, one pilot was flung from the Jaeger and killed instantly. Her partner pilot, Jack Daumey, without a pilot had no choice but to overload the main reactor to save New York City. The Kaiju was vaporized and NYC was saved.


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