The Battle for New York was a major battle in 2037 that started when Nova Sierra was destroyed by two Category IV Kaiju after dealing with a Category III. 


Jaegers Edit

Kaijus Edit


As Nova Sierra intercepted a Category III Kaiju and easily killed it, two Category IV Kaiju ambushed and quickly gutted Nova Sierra. Seeing as Nova Sierra had just been stripped apart, Freedom Omega and Olympic Royal were rapidly dispatched from the New York City Shatterdome.

Holding The Line Edit

The Kaiju drew first blood by stabbing Freedom Omega in the left arm, crippling the Jaeger. Freedom Omega then managed to punch the jaw of the Kaiju and temporarily stunned the it. Olympic Royal grabbed the Kaiju's arms allowing Freedom Omega to shoot the Kaiju multiple times with its untouched Fist Plasma Cannon, which led to the death of the first Kaiju. 

Unknown to the pilots, the second Kaiju was bidding its time. Seeing the Jaegers let down their guard, it lashed with its stinger-like tail to pierce the control pod of Olympic Royal. The decapitated Jaeger fell to the ocean floor.

Freedom Omega was badly crippled but managed to get multiple punches in before being struck in the leg with the Kaiju's tail-spike.

The crippled Jaeger grabbed the Kaiju's tail, while it was still lodged into its leg. Twisting and detaching the tail from the creatures' body, it flew into a fury, the Kaiju went berserk and started clawing anything, seemingly blind, striking the control-pod of the Jeager by accident.

Stacy Obern, one of Freedom's pilot was flung from the Jaeger and killed instantly. Jack Daumey, the remaining Jaeger pilot, seeing that there was no other choice, overloaded the main reactor to save New York City. The Kaiju was vaporized and NYC was saved.