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Beta Maximus is the first and last Mark-8 Jaeger ever built. It was built by the collaboration between all of the governments of the countries in proximity ofthe Atlantic Ocean. It was launched on 12 March 2040. It is piloted by the Chau brothers, Danny and Henry. This Jaeger sports various features from various previous Jaeger models. One of it's distinctive features is it's ability to turn it's shoulder-mounted canons into extra arms. It has 60 engine blocks per muscle strand. It is also equipped with advanced Plasmacasters that can be adjusted to be more powerful but have longer reload times or fire in quick succession but be less powerful. Other features include : titanium-forged chain swords, multi-jointed feet, advanced aero dynamic wings, a compact jet thruster pack capable of bringing the Jaeger into space, tesla cell powered spring-loaded arms, napalm canons, advanced Sting Blades, 360 degrees of articulation on every joint, chain saw hands, over 20 miniature rockets to provide some extra kick into the Jaeger's strikes including Elbow Rockets and a Killer Phase which increases performance of the Jaeger for 5 minutes. The Jaeger has 17 Kaiju kills and has a nickname : " The Death Monger ".

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