Black Meteor
Technical Information
Given Name Black Meteor
Nickname(s) Meteorite
Launch Date 2017
Classification Mark 2
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Germany
Jaeger Specifications
Height 25 jets
Weight 12,000 pounds
Speed 10
Strength 10
Armor 12
Battle Specifications
Operating System Nexus 2.3.4
Weapons XS1-Plasmacaster and Hand blade
Pilots Aldric Zydrick and Liang Qi (deceased) and Jacksy Laker
Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information


Coming Soon

Kaiju Kill rosterEdit

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Mutavore 2.0 4/12/2019 Samoa solo
Banshee 5/25/2020 Siberia, Russia solo
Mongoose 1/20/2021 Berlin,Germany Solo
Tentaclus 9/21/2022 Dusseldorf,Germany Solo
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Black Meteor's Emblem

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