Blue Shadow (callsign Devastator 3) is one of the 3 Jaegers in the Devastator Force, a group of Jaegers that defend Hawaii.

Class: Mark IV

Pilots: King and Louis Lancaster

Combat history Edit

Blue Shadow was built to protect the coast of Florida from Kaiju incursions, but when the veteran Jaeger Broken Axel arrived for that, he was sent, along with the other Devastators to replace the decommissioned Sentinel Force that had been defending Hawaii. The Sentinel Force had proved obsolete, and the PPDF decided to replace their ranks with newer, more advanced Jaegers.

Blue Shadow was deployed along with his partner Dark Avenger (Devastator 1) when Hawaii was attacked by 2 Kaiju, the Category III Ripper and the Category IV Bisect. Devastator 2, Island Ranger, was held in reserve in case Ripper or Bisect got past Blue Shadow and Dark Avenger. Blue Shadow was the first to rush into battle, only sensing Ripper near him. He was torn apart when Bisect, who was heading towards Dark Avenger, changed course and assisted Ripper in destroying him.

Features Edit

Blue Shadow was equipped with a lower amount of armor then most Jaegers, and a more flexible lower torso to allow greater freedom of movement. He was designed to be able to move quickly and execute faster, more complex fighting moves. His pilots, King Lancaster and Louis Lancaster, were black belts in 3 martial arts.

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