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CRE Blueback-111c755f ful

Blueback (front)

CRE Blueback-111c7560 ful

Blueback (Side)

CRE Blueback-111c7561 ful

Blueback (Back)

Blueback was a category 2 kaiju that emerged from the breach on December 24, 2016, and attacked San Diego.


On December 24, 2016, Blueback emerged from the breach and attacked san Diego. During his attack on San Diego, a mark 2 Jaeger named Valor Blade was deployed, and confronted Blueback. During the battle, he used his powerful claws to crush Valor Blade's legs, but Valor managed to use it's Hellfire Missile Launcher on Blueback before collapsing. The missiles destroyed his right arm and a large portion of his face, eventually, killing him.

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