Bombardier One is a Mark VI Jaeger built together with Mark I Jaeger Spartan Omega.

History Edit

Its first deployment was to battle Knifehead.

Features Edit

Bombardier One
Technical Information
Given Name Bombardier One
Nickname(s) Mountie
Launch Date July 1, 2041
Classification Mark VI
Status Active
Country of Origin Canada
Jaeger Specifications
Height 315 feet
Weight 2,030 tons
Speed 7
Strength 9
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Operating System MapleLeaf 2.6
Weapons Anti-Kaiju missile launchers

Chest-mounted Heavy Plasma caster Wrist-mountes Light Plasma casters

Body Language Aggressive Brawler

Long Range Blitzer

Power Moves All-out Assault
Pilots Classified
Kaiju Killed 5
Out-of-Universe information
Bombardier One is a "Turret" type Jaeger, with two legs that plant firmly into the ground while the Jaeger lets loose on the oncoming Kaiju. Since it is usually stationary, Bombardier is usually paired with a smaller, more agile Jaegers to engage the Kaiju while it provided fire support. If it ever comes down to it, however, the Bombardier can release from its locking stance and attack the Kaiju head-

on. With heavy armour and incredible strength, he is a formidable opponent, battering the Kaiju while his 2 shoulder-mounted rockets fire simultaneously.