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Bubonic Vaporizer
Bubonic Vaporizer
Technical Information
Given Name Bubonic Vaporizer
Nickname(s) Black Death
Launch Date June 28th, 2028
Classification Mark-5
Status not really Destroyed(a malfunction cause by a emp)
Country of Origin The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Jaeger Specifications
Height 340 ft
Weight 2,015 tons
Speed 6
Strength 12
Armor 12
Battle Specifications
Equipment B-38 Hidden Wings

L1590 Massive Energy Cell

Operating System Blue Spark Gen 2
Energy Core TS-83 Mega Supercell Chamber
Weapons I-9 Plasmacasters

Repressed Nuclear Discharge

Energy Staff

Body Language Bartitsu
Power Moves Ultra Catabolism
Pilots Gregory Davis

Aaron Davis

Kaiju Killed 3 (So Far)
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Uncharted Territory

Bubonic Vaporizer is a British Mark-5 Jaeger created in 2026, its creation date coincides with the German Jaeger, Versteckte Destroyer. Its construction, unlike Versteckte Destroyer, was hastened during the Attack on West Germany due to fear of Kaiju attacking Britain. However, this was not the case, as its first deployment was in 2028, 1 year and 2 months from its actual finalization. It is currently stationed in the West Midlands, in Birmingham. It was developed by the Royal Air Force, and piloted by twin brothers Gregory Davis and Aaron Davis.


Bubonic Vaporizer began construction after a series of energy signals in various oceans meaning that there were multiple portals, many more than just the pacific portal. Its construction was slow in the beginning, but was quickly hastened for fear of Britain getting attacked by kaiju after the attack on West Germany. It was equipped in both arms with I-9 Plasmacasters.


First ConfrontationEdit


Bubonic Vaporizer's first mission (June 28th, 2028) was to use the body of Grafen to go through the Atlantic breach and weaken or destroy it, and kidnap a precursor for interrogation. It was seen that there was an unknown category kaiju guarding the entrance, codenamed Cerberus. 

Third ConfrontationEdit

Bubonic Vaporizer was being repaired at the Pulau Ubin Shatterdome when the kajiu,yukonus attacks Hong kong.

pacific rim 2 Edit

the last line of defence Edit

it was one of the jaegers that got shocked by a EMP by a category 5 kajiu,shockstrike.unable to function well when it was taken back to the Pulau Ubin was retired.