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Byron Kraus
Vital statistics
Position Jaeger Pilot


Age Unknown - Possibly early 40's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Undocumented: Currently known as "Huge"
Weight Undocumented: Currently known as "Huge Muscled Brute"

Image Disclaimer: This image was found via Google Images and Pyro does not claim it, and merely wishes to use it for idea-getting-across-purposes.

Byron "Volt-Head" Kraus is a Jaeger pilot featuring in Ring of Fire. His Jaeger is the Basilisk Centauri, which he pilots solo with the help of AI. 


Byron was stuck in a military prison for a large part of the Kaiju War. While he was there, his pregnant wife was killed by one of the Kaiju. Byron's never forgiven himself for not being there for her when it was the end. 

Post Kaiju WarEdit

Byron joined the Blue Reef Shatterdome project after being picked up as a volunteer for "Some Jaeger-Drift-Scientist or whatever that needs a live subject". Since then Byron has gotten a reputation as a large violent brute that often yells at his AI, despite the fact that it can confuse the hell out of anybody that doesn't know about it.

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