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Challenger Rex
Challenger rex2
Technical Information
Given Name Challenger Rex
Nickname(s) Brave Singa
Launch Date 2037
Classification Mark lll
Status tba
Country of Origin Singapore
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250 feet
Weight 1800 tons
Speed 8/10
Strength 8/10
Armor 9/10
Battle Specifications
Equipment Escape Pods,wrist mounted saw blades,dual shoulder missile pods
Operating System Saturn COS-9
Energy Core NFR-21
Weapons Thundercloud and Missiles (10x)
Body Language Crimson Typhoon
Power Moves I-19 Cannons
Pilots Daryl Lee(deceased) and Glenn Lee( Lee Brothers)
Kaiju Killed 7
Out-of-Universe information

Challenger Rex is a Mark-lll Jaeger and the second Jaeger built in Singapore.This Jaeger was built in response to the attack of the Kajiu, Hidoyoshi and it was completed in 2037.

History Edit

After the attack of the Kajiu Hidoyoshi, the Singapore government was worried about the Kajiu coming back to attack Singapore again, so the construction of Challenger Rex began.

When it was completed, it was sent to Malaysia to kill a Category II Kajiu, code-name Craver. Challenger Rex managed to kill the Kajiu using the Thundercloud Formation.

After the day of New Year's Eve, a Category-4 Kajiu, code-name Blindreaper, emerged from the Indian Breach and was headed for Thailand. Then Challenger Rex and Orion Victor were deployed from the Phuket Shatterdome to kill the Kajiu. Although the Kajiu managed to damage Orion Victor severely, Challenger Rex manage to ambush the Kajiu and cut the head in half using its saw blades.

Downfall Edit

Challenger Rex was task in defending Malaysia from a kaiju, code-named MN-Y34. When Challenger Rex found out it was Karloff, Challenger Rex killed it only to discover that the Precursors' Jaeger, Precursor Rex breached through and headed for Singapore. It then went to intercept it, but after one hour, Precursor Rex managed to defeat Challenger Rex, and later on Temasek Titan almost destroyed Precursor Rex. Then Precursor Rex was not seen for 16 years. Challenger Rex was taken back to Singapore.

Restoration Edit

Challenger Rex was restored in 12/12/2054.

pacific Rim 2 Edit

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Kajiu killed Edit

Kaiju Category Date Team
Craver Cat. 2 12/11/2037 Solo
Mutantbreak Cat. 1 3/12/2037 Solo
Blindreaper Cat. 4 2/1/2038 Orion Victor
Acroin Cat. 3 23/2/2038 Solo
Kruxus Cat. 3 23/2/2038 Solo
Toothjaw Cat. 5 17/3/2038 Solo
Karloff Cat. 1 14/11/2039 Solo
Kravet Cat. 6 6/1/2055 Orion Victor
HH-56 Cat. 6 6/1/2055 Orion Victor


Challenger Rex
Technical Information
Nickname(s) Reborn singa
Launch Date 2054
Classification MK 3
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Singapore
Jaeger Specifications
Height 258ft
Weight 1876tons
Speed 9
Strength 10
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment same
Operating System Saturn SAR-09
Energy Core Duel Nuclear Vortex(hiden)
Weapons same
Body Language Gispy Danger
Pilots Glenn Lee,Jovin Poh
Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information