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Chrono Monarch
Jaeger Program propaganda poster showing Chrono Monarch in battle.
Technical Information
Given Name Chrono Monarch
Nickname(s) Monarch
Launch Date 29 December 2026
Status active
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 200m
Weight 5,000 tonnes
Speed 5
Strength 20
Armor 20
Battle Specifications
Weapons 1X antimatter pulse gun (right hand)

2X Nemesis Fist (left hand, right hand)

Body Language None. Chrono Monarch moves only when needed.
Pilots Matthew Jalius-Jonesen

Rachel Jalius-Jonesen

Marco Jalius-Jonesen

Eléna Jalius-Jonesen

Walter Jalius-Jonesen

Kaiju Killed SGR-75 Brutalisk II, Category V, Kelso, 2040

BFU-69 Ravager, Category II, North Sea, 2042.

Out-of-Universe information
Chrono Monarch is a British Mark-5 Jaeger - one of the last and strongest Mark-5s to be constructed. Based at the Kelso Shatterdome in southern Scotland, it defends Britain against kaiju incursions from the North Sea Breach.


Constructed in a frenzy of activity by the Pan-Pacific and Pan-Atlantic Defense Corps on the eve of the Second Kaiju war, Chrono Monarch was not truly activated and commisioned until 2028 when the Arctic Defense Corps procured the machine for North Sea and Arctic Sea defense operations.

Chrono Monarch is one of the most powerful Mark-5 Jaegers, and the first Jaeger built for the Monarch Project. It is a biomechanical design created using a combination of the most advanced Jaeger technology then available and cloned Kaiju body parts taken from the corpse of Leatherback. Monarch was originally designed to combine the strength of a Category IV Kaiju with the firepower of a Mark-5/6 Jaeger, and in this field it is an outstanding success. The artificial synth-muscle used in other Jaegers has been replaced with organic muscle grown from Leatherback's stem cells. Chrono Monarch is credited with two confirmed solo kaiju kills: Brutalisk II and Ravager, and 5 kaiju killed in cooperation with other Jaegers: Selenisk, Slattern II, Leatherback II, leatherback III and Brutalisk I. Its crew take the skulls of all the Kaiju they kill back to Kelso for display.

Armour composition: Hex-Carbide Duranium with Neutronium outer layer.

Armament detail: Chrono Monarch's Antimatter Pulse Cannon compresses the energy release from matter-antimatter annihilation reactions into a focused pulse, while its twin Nemesis Fists are capable of 50,000 tons of force per blow and conduct psychic energy for increased power.

Service historyEdit

1st solo confrontationEdit

No immediate resistance was made to Brutalisk II's landfall in Scotland, as all the Jaegers of the Kelso Shatterdome were deployed in Stockholm launching a desperate last-ditch resistance against the advance of Leatherback II and III, a pair of Category Vs that had laid waste to Northern Europe for over a week. Attacked by the remaining British, Swedish and Norwegian Jaegers as well as the on-loan Tokapi Spitfire, the monstrous Kaiju were eliminated at heavy cost. However with Brutalisk bearing down on the town of Kelso and more importantly the Monarch Project laboratories and the Kelso Shatterdome, and Chrono Monarch the only operational Jaeger in the area not disabled in the previous battle, the war-weary crew were forced to fight to defend their home against the marauding abomination. Employing similar tactics to those used by Strike Group Monarch against the first Brutalisk, Chrono Monarch attempted to keep the kaiju's tusks at bay and maintain ranged combat through its Antimatter Pulse Cannon and continous psychic attack augmented by the anger of the crew. However the Precursors had learned from Brutalisk I's defeat and improved the second creature with an extremly tough hide able to resist almost any material or immaterial assault, as well as psychically-resistant tissue aorund the skull protecting Brutalisk II's brain, meaning that the crew of Chrono Monarch could not read its mind and as such were unable to predict its maneuvers. Monarch was beaten down, only gaining the upper hand when Brutalisk II's cranium was impaled on the Shatterdome's large lightning conductor, perferating the head. Even the smallest hole in the specialised tissue proved to be enough, allowing the enraged crew to launch a brutal mental attack and crush Brutalisk II's mind, then spontaneously punch a burst of extreme voltage through the disgusting creature's brain and kill it. Its damaged skull was added to the ever-growing collection of gruesome trophies displayed outside the Shatterdome.

2nd solo confrontationEdit

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Unique featuresEdit

Psychic enhancement and dual Conn-podEdit

"I've seen it up close now... the things that girl can do... the most horrifying displays of witchery. I'm psychic myself, but that much power... the last person who tried using that much energy died trying to control it all. Smashed to atoms. How she manages to survive even a tenth of the power she uses is beyond me."
Argus Yomoflach
"It genuinely scares me to see that Jaeger in the field. Times must have gotten desperate if they're willing to approve something that dangerous. If she loses control even for a moment it will kill everyone and everything around her."
―Anonymous ADC Psy-scientist

Chrono Monarch is notable for its unusual pilot configuration: it has two Conn-pods, a 3-pilot unit in the chest and a 2-pilot unit in the head. It is piloted by the Jalius-Jonesen family. The sheer brainpower offered by 5 pilots, amplified by the processing power of the Jaeger's biomechanical supercomputers, boosts Eléna Jalius-Jonesen's already consirderable psychic abilities to extreme levels, enabling the use of psychically-powered Nemesis Fists as close combat weapons. Monarch was designed around this amplification of Eléna's psychic abilites, allowing the Jaeger to tap into and manipulate the energies of the immaterial plane. The general results of this have been informally decribed as "witchery" on multiple occasions.

Additional notes: Crew Psychological EvaluationEdit

Studies suggest that residual radiation from Chrono Monarch's power source is beginning to affect the crew's brains, and has started to damage their reasoning, though the Neural Handshake is unaffected. Effect on psychic conduction link-up is unknown at this time. Eléna Jalius-Jonesen has recently been displaying signs of schizophrenia and paranoia, complaining of being stalked by a supernatural presence. Psychology staff please note that Argus and Crystal Yomoflach have complained of similar incidences lately, and coupled with the appearance of psychic Kaiju Vortlahn this should be considered cause for extreme concern.