Chronos Berserker (Also known as Murder Witch) is a Mark 5 Jaeger stationed in the Moyulan Shatterdome.

History Edit

Chronos Berserker is a Mark 5 Jaeger build 2 Years after the Kaiju War. We yet dont know the history of the pilots but we know some history about the Jaeger.

Base Attack Edit

Chronos Berserker was deployed with Valor Omega And Titan Redeemer to destroy two Kaiju Drones. When Valor Omega was destroyed, Chronos Berserker punches one of the Kaiju Drones Damaging it. Suddenly Another Kaiju Drones Rips off one of his Missile in his shoulder and forces Chronos to Move back. Both Drones rips both of his arm and one of his leg. Its Unknown that both pilot survived.

Combat Characteristics Edit

To be added