Clarisse Linn
An old photo
Vital statistics
Position Jaeger Pilot - Right Hemisphere
Age Mid-Late 30's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight She refuses to tell

Image Disclaimer: This image was found via Google Images and Pyro does not claim it, and merely wishes to use it for idea-getting-across-purposes.

Clarisse Linn is a Jaeger pilot featuring in Ring of Fire. Her Jaeger is the Mark-VI Valkyrie Chaos and she pilots it with the help of her Drift partner, Veronica Martinez, who is also her lover.


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Blue Reef Shatterdome ProjectEdit

Clarisse joined the Blue Reef Shatterdome Project when she and her Drift-partner, Veronica, were offered a place as pilots of the world's very first Post-Kaiju-War Jaeger, the Mark-VI Valkyrie Chaos. They had been deemed the best of the remaining pairs on the waiting list for future Jaegers, and were inducted to the Blue Reef Shatterdome Project immediately.

While at the Blue Reef Shatterdome (located in Fiji), she met the famed Hercules Hansen, Tendo Choi, Hermann Gottlieb, and Newton Geiszler. Whenever Clarisse wasn't sparring, training, or teaching recruits... well, she didn't try to get as much free time as possible. And what free time she did have she would always try to spend with Veronica. 

Clarisse took part in defending the Blue Reef Shatterdome from a total of five hostile Jaegers over the course of a single day. The first Jaeger-to-Jaeger fight the Valkyrie Chaos was involved in was against the Delta Fenris, which had just disabled the Basilisk Centauri with an EMP to the face. The fight ended with the Delta Fenris getting jumped on by the Basilisk, and the Valkyrie was left too damaged to take part in futher defences. Instead, Veronica and Clarisse were offered a chance to pilot the Basilisk Centauri with Byron, who was concerned about future EMP weaponry use against them. 

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