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Colossal Slayer is a Philippine Mark 5 Jaeger

Colossal Slayer
Technical Information
Given Name Colossal Slayer
Nickname(s) Colossus
Launch Date August 4, 2047
Classification Mark 5
Country of Origin The Philippines
Jaeger Specifications
Height 273 feet (83.21 meters)
Weight 2,150 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 9
Armor 11
Battle Specifications
Equipment MR98 Thruster Pack
Weapons I-19 Plasmacaster

GD6 Chain Sword

Shoulder Mounted AKC (1 on each side)

Power Moves Disabler
Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information


Colossal slayer was built is 2047 and was deployed at Long Island, New York to fight a catagory 5 kaiju name irontachi the battle took more than 2 hour and both jaeger and kaiju didn't get the upper hand until colossal slayer used its primary weapon to slice the kaiju head off.