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This article, Colossal Slayer, is still being created. The author apologizes for the inconvenience.
This article, Colossal Slayer, is still being created. The author apologizes for the inconvenience.

Colossal Slayer is a Philippine Mark 5 Jaeger stationed in the Perth Shatterdome.

Colossal Slayer
Technical Information
Given Name Colossal Slayer
Nickname(s) Colossus
Launch Date August 4, 2030
Classification Mark 5
Status Active
Country of Origin The Philippines
Jaeger Specifications
Height 273 feet (83.21 meters)
Weight 2,150 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 9
Armor 11
Battle Specifications
Equipment MR98 Thruster Pack
Weapons I-19 Plasmacaster

GD6 Chain Sword

Shoulder Mounted AKC (1 on each side)

Power Moves Disabler
Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information


Colossal slayer was built is 2047 and was deployed at Long Island, New York to fight a catagory 100 kaiju name irontachi the battle took more than 20 hour and both jeager and kaiju didn't get the upper hand until colossal slayer used its primary weapon to slice the kaiju head of.

On January 21, 2054 colossal slayer was deployed to fight against precussesor danger but this time, colossal slayer cutted of precusscors dangers jet pack but precusscors danger severely damaged colossal slayer hull and tore of the left side leaving the pilot to pilot the jeager alone and the pilot used the left plasma caster to target precusscors dangers hull and nuclear reactor and destroy the precursor danger once and for all

On December 20,2054 colossal slayer was deployed with dark hunter 42, hurricane blue, and Hawaiin pain to destroy the the breach using a thermal nuclear plasma bomb attach to dark hunter 42 back dark hunter 42 done the same tactic that gipsy danger and successfully destroy the precusscors once and for all

Sometime during the second kaiju war the jeager was destroy by the ressurected kaiju ceramander.


Coming soon.

Kaiju KilledEdit

Here is the list of Colossal Slayer's kaiju kills:

  1. Hakaisha - 9/28/30 - Tokyo, Japan - Team: Phoenix Delta
  2. Yolanda  - 11/18/30 - Manila, Philippines - Team: Phoenix Delta, Turqoise Echo

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