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Corinthian Gauntlet is an AI-controlled Jaeger which operates as part of the Arctic Defense Corps.

Technical overviewEdit

Armour CompositionEdit

Corinthian Gauntlet's armour consists primarily of spaced layers of an advanced titanium alloy. The 2036 redesign opened up substantial internal space and freed some weight capacity with the replacement of old technology, allowing fragile internal components to be encased in Hex-Carbide Duranium and diamond weave impact mesh and the addition of ceramic composite armour blocks around certain externals.

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The project that would eventually become Corinthian Gauntlet originated with the USSR's State Laboratory for Extranormal Warfare, which in 1970 had been commissioned to create an all-terrain autonomous armed walker for use in propaganda, counterinsurgency operations and extranormal threat response. The ensuing decade saw steadily increasing amounts of resources and intellect invested for little gain, as successive design proposals gradually evolved from a quadruped walker to the "bipedal tank" shape (which would itself see later revival) and subsequently to a humanoid form, all the while growing in size and mass to accommodate more and more equipment.

When the final draft proposal was submitted, After ten years' work and billions of Rubles spent, Project Gauntlet would be devastatingly powerful - as well as excessively expensive to construct, impractically large for many of its intended roles and a logistical nightmare. It would be a one-off, with many of its systems built around extranormal assets that could not be replicated, and would be far too large and heavy to permit effective high-speed transport at the strategic level. The accounts of Brezhnev personally stamping "REJECTED" on every single paragraph of the final grant request for the actual construction are of course hyperbolic, but certainly the reaction from the Red Army and the Central Committee was less than warm, contributing substantially to the Laboratory's fall from favour and eventual dissolution in favour of other extranormal research groups. For some forty-four subsequent years the assorted documents would be irregularly moved between shelves and cabinets in different locked rooms, transferred to increasingly low-security facilities for state secrets and extranormal intelligence; the files were opened with ever-increasing rarity and by all accounts the proposal was never once taken seriously by those who did.

Project Gauntlet re-activatedEdit

By the time the original Breach was closed in 2025, Project Gauntlet was gathering dust in a secure building in Vologda, an exceptionally unremarkable member of a collection of oddities that required no extraordinary procedures to keep safe and out of sight. Declassification of some of the documents followed shortly after, as much of what had been considered top-secret paratechnology in the 1980s before was now common knowledge following the advent of the Jaeger program: structural supermaterials, directed-energy weapons and the concept of a giant humanoid weapon had all conclusively left the realm of science fiction.

Quite why the Arctic Defense Corps chose to appropriate a design over half a century old, scarcely plausible in its own time and ostensibly long obsolete in theirs, would never be satisfactorily explained by any credible source within the organisation. What is apparent is that a decade after the first documents were made public they somehow caught the eye of Second Marshal Ivan Vodkhov, who obtained access to the remaining classified papers with alarming rapidity.

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"Yet more evidence of their evil ways! They bring back the machines of the most evil regimes to walk the Earth."
Zulu Bravo during its rogue phase, referencing Corinthian Gauntlet's Soviet heritage