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Corinthian Gauntlet
Technical Information
Given Name Corinthian Gauntlet
Nickname(s) Orgasmatron, Juggernaut
Launch Date 2029 (constructed 1976-88)
Classification Sentient AI Mech
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin USSR
Jaeger Specifications
Height 185 metres
Speed 150 (flight speed)

8 (ground speed)

Strength 17
Armor 12
Battle Specifications
Operating System Alien technology, not fully understood
Energy Core Null-atomic Storm Drive
Weapons A lot. Closest thing imaginable to "Enuff dakka" in fact.
Body Language None
Power Moves Aerial pound

Microwave Laser overload

Pilots None (AI mech)
Kaiju Killed A few (placeholder)
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in None ATM
Creator Slug gunner fan


Technical overviewEdit

Armour CompositionEdit

Corinthian Gauntlet's formidable armour originally consisted of spaced layers of an unknown alloy, which as of recommissioning were upgraded to include solid Diamond-Weave Hex-Carbide Duranium in the gaps. Neutronium Impact Mesh, originally designed for space travel in debris fields, has been incorporated into the plating over Corinthian Gauntlet's vulnerable sections to increase resilience against projectile weapons. The unit's alien-tech "force field" generator has been stripped down, upgraded with advanced power capacitors and moved to a less vulnerable section of Corinthian gauntlet's interior.

Armament detailEdit

Arm mounted weaponsEdit

Multiple hand weapons

  • 1X "Power Fist" matter disruptor field projector bludgeon (right hand)
  • 1X "Power Fist" matter disruptor field projector bludgeon (left hand)
  • 1X Combat chainsaw [folds out to replace right hand Power Fist]
  • 1X Plasma flamer [folds out to replace right hand Power Fist]
  • 1X Dark Matter blade projector [folds out to replace left hand Power Fist]
  • 1X I-25 Ionised Plasma Caster [folds out to replace left hand Power Fist]
  • 2X Dark Matter blade/Plasma flamer "knuckle dusters" [fold out over Power Fists]

8X 50mm Gatling guns (four twin-mounted in pairs on each wrist)

1X 75mm twin-barrelled autocannon (mounted on right wrist)

1X Zaphod XXII tactical missile projector (mounted on left wrist)

2X Absolver Anti-Psychic countermeasures dispenser (single-mounted in elbows) [defensive weapon]

Shoulder mounted weaponsEdit

2X 20cm calibre "Hellbore" rapidfire Plasma cannon (mounted in shoulder turrets)

4X AK-500 50cm calibre shaped charge warhead projector (twin-mounted in forward shoulders)

Hull mounted weaponsEdit

8X 50mm Gatling guns (single-mounted around hull)

1X Vodkhov multi-purpose assault mortar battery (mounted inside hull, folds out over left shoulder)

1X Vulpesant matter disruptor field flash-projector (mounted inside hull, folds out over right shoulder)

6X Meson Disintegrator Beam (single-mounted around hull)

1X tactical missile system with specialized anti-Kaiju bio-warheads (rear hull mounting)

1X heavy Microwave Laser (front hull mounting)


Origin: Project GauntletEdit

Back in the mid 1970s the Soviet Union was on the ropes. Giant ants out on the Siberian wastes, high-tech rebellion in Kursk Oblask... the list went on. With more and more issues springing up every week and the Japanese apparently gearing up for an invasion the Soviet government decided to take immediate action - Project Gauntlet. A weapon was to be constructed, a colossal mechanised war machine to bring the people's fury crashing down on the foes of the USSR, any time, anywhere.

However the envisioned go-anywhere-do-anything robot proved to be far more expensive than planned in terms of resources. Reverse-engineered alien tech recovered from the site of the 1908 Tungusta Blast was heavily incorporated into Project Gauntlet's mechanisms and computers, and getting it to work properly when integrated so closely with human technology was a nightmare for Soviet engineers.

Due to manpower and material constraints in addition to necessary redesigns to handle the possibility of Project Gauntlet having to fight in a potential World War Three, the unit was not completed until 1988, by which time east-west relations had cooled and the crazy situations the thing was designed for had dropped to almost zero in frequency. Considered too expensive and impractical to maintain it was dumped into a Chelyabinsk scrapyard and left to rust...

Second Kaiju War serviceEdit


It was a still night in that Chelyabinsk scrapyard when the Arctic Sea Breach puked out its first Kaiju, a massive Category VI, in 2028. Things were getting desperate now with 5 Breaches hurling out increasingly powerful monsters on a weekly basis, and every single bullet-spitting contraption imaginable was being hurled into the fray.

One of those bullet-spitting contraptions was Project Gauntlet. Newly reactivated by the Russian government to repel Kaiju incursions from the arctic, the massive weapon was flown to the newly-built Shatterdome in Tiksi, Russia, and its AI given new orders: hold the coastline against trespassing Kaiju at all costs.

Battle of Tiksi (2031)Edit

Not written yet...

Kaiju Siege of Novaya Zemlya (2031)Edit

Not written yet...

Unique featuresEdit

Corinthian Gauntlet is unique among Arctic Defense Corps combat forces in that it isn't a Jaeger, but rather an AI-controlled mech. Its original design called for service in conventional wars before it was hastily refitted to fight Kaiju, and this still shows in some of its undersized weaponry.

Its most unique feature is its insane speed and sustainability: capable of flying at up to 450km/h when airborne, and carrying fuel, ammunition and self-repair nanobots sufficient for 6 months of combat service along with on-board production for certain munitions, Corinthian Gauntlet patrols the Arctic Coast of the Eurasian continent for weeks non-stop, stomping up and down through land and water from Vladivostok at the Pacific end to Jan Mayen in the Atlantic and flying to wherever it is needed at the first sign of Kaiju landfall.

Corinthian Gauntlet is capable of teleportartion over distances of up to 300 meters thanks to its "Russian Overkill" Quantum Jump system, though this equipment is unreliable and slow to recharge after use. Its shields and heavy armour offer high levels of protection from all forms of physical attack and it posesses specialized countermeasures to weaken or deflect Psychic attacks directed at it.

Additional notesEdit




"For the honour... of the regiment..."
―Corinthian Gauntlet on why it still defends humanity against hopeless odds, c.2050
"You foolish creature. You, and the empires of your abominable creators, will be dust before I or any human under my protection, indeed any human at all, will surrender to you. The line will hold, there will be no retreat, you shall suffer for every inch of human land you snatch from the rightful rulers. It is humanity's manifest destiny to survive and I intend to keep it that way."
―Corinthian Gauntlet to Vortlahn, January 2049
"Your defeat is inevitable. Why? Because you and your vat-grown filth fight for yourself, but I fight... FOR THE REGIMENT!"
―Corinthian Gauntlet to anonymous Precursor during the Siege of Novaya Zemlya, 2031
"Disgusting. I'm better off without those Communist scumbags, what did they ever do but leave me to rot?"
―Corinthian Gauntlet on the fall of the USSR, shortly after reactivation


"This thing may have more guns than my Storm Andromeda, but remember this: they aren't even half as big! Oh and we've got our own AI based Jaeger already, so don't ask about that little detail either, thank-you-very-much."
―Treyvon Smith (Pilot of the Jaeger Storm Andromeda) to a reporter when asked about Corinthian Gauntlet
"Yet more evidence of the ADC's evil ways! They bring back the Machines of the most evil Regime to walk the Earth. Glory to the Revolution"
―Zulu Bravo, Rogue Jaeger, on the Radio