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Corora Blader was a Mark-3 Mexican Jaeger. ==History

Corora Blader
Technical Information
Given Name Corora Blader
Nickname(s) Shocker
Launch Date 2017
Classification Mark 3
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Mexico
Jaeger Specifications
Height 289 M
Weight 1,861 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 8
Armor 5
Battle Specifications
Equipment T-16 Angel Wings

TY/Escape Hatch

Operating System Reaction GO 2.8
Energy Core Beat Reactor 2.8
Weapons B-27 Railgun

GD5 Tesla Sword Nanogun (Minigun)

Body Language Mexican Outlaw
Power Moves Up from the deep
Pilots Juan Martinez

Carlos Manduega

Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in First Kaiju War

Second Kaiju War


Corora Blader has defended Mexico from Kaiju attacks alongside Gehara Major. It has a recorded two Kaiju kill

Due to the end of the PPDC jaeger program and the damages sustained in the fight with backbreaker Corora was left in oblivion bay. When the second kaiju war started Corora blader was immediatley repaired and ready for active service.


Corora Blader was equipped with experimental tesla sword for close quarters engagements and had a very special minigun which fired nanobots that dug their way through the kaijus hide and began to injure internal kaiju organs. Corora was also equipped with a railgun which delt heavy damge to the kaiju but it was untested and experimental. Corora also had T-16 Angel wings for stability and speed. Corora Blader was built for speed not resistance its armor did not hold up well to Cat IV'S and above but it was quite fast but not as fast as the newer models but it was one of the fastest jaegers during the Mark 3 Era. 


T-16 Angel Wings

B-27 Railgun
GD5 Tesla Sword Nanogun (Minigun)

First EngagmentEdit

Corora Blader's first engagement was with the category IV kaiju backbreaker off the coast of Brazil but no other jaegers were ready on the atlantic rim so Corora was sent in. Corora dropped approximately 100 M away from the kaiju, corora immediatley deployed their tesla swords but backbreaker was nowhere to be seen. Until it jumped on to the back of Corora it ripped off corora's angel wings and severley damaged a shoulder before being burned by the back thrusters. Corora then went on the offensive and dove under the sea and used its thrusters to propel itself up like a rocket ship right under backbreaker Corora lifted and split backbreaker in two with its sword. 

Second Engement and DestructionEdit

In 2027 after Corora was repaired the jaeger was sent to defend the Lima shatterdome which was defensless due to no jaegers being stationed there at the time and  2 kaijus were heading straight for it Corora was quickly deployed from the LA Shatterdome but Corora was only a mark 3 so it needed backup against the 2 CAT IV'S. Corora was deployed only to see the remains of another jaeger corora then saw one of the cat IV'S searching the wreckage until is was beheaded by Corora then the second kaiju seeing its dead friend rushed and charged at Corora its horns coming out of  it like a bull,  its horns pierced the reactor and Corora fell into the water but just before Corora's conn pod was crushed they could see another jaeger but it was too late seconds before the reactor had a meltdown they told the other jaeger to run seconds later the jaeger had a meltdown and exploded killing the pilots losing another mark 3. 

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