Crusade Magma is a Mark VI Drone created by the British due to the Category 6 Talisman killing 290,000 victims. the Crusade has a 4 Pilots controlling the arms and flexible legs.


After Responding to the Japanese and Britain Kaiju attack. After Created by a company named War CO. actually Pacific Defenses Responded to the request and published as its nickname as the "Queen's iron fist" made in actually Detroit

Crusade Magma
Crusade Magma
Production Information
Country of Origin Great Britain
Launch Date 2026
Classification 6
Status Retired
Operational Record
Pilots Louie Williams Alix Armzillo, Michael Brown and Linx Cannon (Deceased)
Kaiju Kills 12
Technical Specifications
Height 25 Helicopters
Weight 75,000,000 Lbs
Top Speed 12
Armament Sting Blades
Equipment Escape Pods,Thermal Detection and Crimson Typhoon Conn Pad
Operating System Janu COS-7
Energy Core Nuclear


  • Named after a Warrior
  • damaged sometimes