Welcome to the Custom Pacific Rim Wiki's Christmas Contest 2013!

This is where you may place your entry to the Christmas Contest 2013! 

Here are the rules:

  1. You are allowed to create anything along the lines of a Jaeger or Kaiju
    • If you make a vehicle, please make a figure to ride on it. The figure must be either a Hero or Villain.
  2. The suggested colors are red, green, white, and silver/grey. These are not set in stone!
  3. You are allowed to enter only one entry!
  4. The winners of the contest may get placed on a banner. There will be three winners whose creations may be placed along the banner. First place winner becomes the skin, second and third will be badges.

Now, for the dates and how to vote: 

  1. Voting has begun and will continue until the seventeenth.



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