Dark Avenger (callsign Devastator 1) is one of the 3 Jaegers in the Devastator Force, a group of Jaegers that defend Hawaii.

Class: Mark-3

Pilots: José and Anitá Sancheź

Combat history Edit

Dark Avenger was built to literally avenge the inhabitants of Costa Rica, where a Kaiju codenamed Carnivore invaded and killed all the population until driven back by the Jaeger Broken Axel. The wounded Kaiju escaped. Dark Avenger was designed to hunt it down and destroy it. He got his chance when Carnivore was spotted closing in on the coast of New Zealand, where the never-field-tested Mark I Jaeger Rustbucket was guarding. Dark Avenger was transported to New Zealand, and Rustbucket and Dark Avenger defeated the Kaiju with minimal collateral damage.

Dark Avenger was then recalled to join the newly formed Devastator Force on Hawaii, where the older and now decommissioned Sentinel Force had guarded. When the Category III Kaiju Ripper and Category IV Bisect were detected too close to Hawaii, Dark Avenger and his teammate Blue Shadow (Devastator 3) were deployed, with Devastator 2, Island Ranger, held in reserve. When Bisect, who was seemingly engaging Dark Avenger, suddenly targeted Blue Shadow, the Jaeger was torn apart as both Kaiju attacked him. Dark Avenger engaged Ripper, and Island Ranger was called in. Island Ranger engaged Bisect, which was a mistake as Ranger was built to fight Category III and II Kaiju. As Dark Avenger stabbed Ripper through the chest and finished him off with a Plasmacaster, Bisect tore off Ranger's arm and proceeded to mutilate his body. However, Bisect had sustained injury from both Blue Shadow and Island Ranger, and Dark Avenger finished him off relatively easily.

After this battle, he was decommissioned.

Features Edit

Dark Avenger was built specifically to fight Carnivore, and so carried heavier armor to counter Carnivore's especially large jaws. He utilized a single Chain Sword on his right arm. The sword was unusually large to compensate for Carnivore's body fat. He is also able to simultaneously load and fire both his Plasmacasters.