Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal was the second Polish jaeger, who was built in 2030 in Poland. He was stored in the Warsaw Shatterdome, which is in Poland along, with Sapphire Thunder. He was a Mark-6 jaeger along with Sapphire Thunder. His first deployment was on August 2, 2030.

Dark Crystal V2

Dark Crystal
Technical Information
Nickname(s) D.K.
Launch Date August 2 ,2030
Classification Mark-6
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Poland
Jaeger Specifications
Height 300 FT (91.44 meters)
Weight 2,000 tons
Speed 30
Strength 30
Armor 30
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch

T16 Angel Wings

Operating System Arbiter Tac-Conn 15
Energy Core XIG Supercell Chamber Mark 4
Weapons TY/Escape Hatch[1]

T-16 Angel Wings[1] 4.211 "Brass Knuckles"

Body Language Dirty Boxer
Power Moves Apocalypse Canceller
Pilots Matthew Kenseth

Sebastian Gordon

Kaiju Killed 43
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim 2

Second Kaiju War Third Kaiju War

Early History

He is a Mark 6 jaeger that was first deployed against a quadruple event of kaiju with a fellow Polish jaeger, Sapphire Thunder. The quadruple event consisted of four category seven kaiju, Harder, Slayer, Bloodlust and Drowner. Sapphire got his fourth kaiju kill in the fight, killing Bloodlust, Drowner and Slayer. Crystal got his first kaiju kill on Harder. His second deployment was against a double event of two category seven kaiju, Serara and Tonyanto. He successfully killed them both in Alaska.He went on to complete six successful missions, until he was destroyed by two category eight kaiju,Fireblood and Hieyamod,in Alaska on his seventh deployment.He successfully destroyed Hieyamod but was defeated by Fireblood. Later Sapphire Thunder came and successfully destroyed Fireblood, getting him his 50th kaiju kill. Crystal was destroyed with 43 kaiju kills.

Rebuilding Since Dark Crystal's pilots survived Crystal's destruction, they piloted Dark Crystal V2, which took part in Baltic Breach Misson "Operation Polish Pitfall.

Baltic Breach Misson "Operation Polish Pitfall

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