Delta Apostle is a Mark-4 American Jaeger housed in the Los Angeles Shatterdome and the brother unit of Mammoth Apostle 

Delta Apostle
Technical Information
Given Name Delta Apostle
Launch Date July 1, 2018
Classification Mark-4
Status Decommissioned
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 280ft (85m)
Weight 1,865lbs
Speed 6
Strength 7
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Weapons Friction Powered Fists
Body Language Street Fighter
Power Moves The "Head-Wrecker"
Pilots Jacob Quill

James Quill Jr.

Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information


Delta Apostle is piloted by Jacob Quill and James Quill Jr., a brother duo. it's first deployment was in San Diego where a Category 3 Kaiju, codename: Scornedo had alreadly passed the Miracle Mile and was headed towards Coronado Bridge which was still being evacuated at the time, Luckily, Delta made it to the city before he reached the bridge, it took about 20-30 minutes to finally kill the kaiju.

Sometime during 2019, Delta Apostle is severly damaged by an unknown category-4 kaiju, causing the Jaeger to be decommisioned until further notice.


  • Unlike most Jaegers, Delta Apostle does not have any Ranged weapon or melee weapons such as swords or blade-like items, instead he relises on his Friction-Powered Fists to kill Kaijus.
  • His Powermove "The Head-Wrecker" consists of rapidly punching the Kaiju head until skull cracks rendering it dead.