Technical Information
Given Name Demolisher
Kaiju Species Insect
Breach Date June 18th 2025
Category CAT III
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 156 meters
Weight 2,000k
Speed 7
Strength 10
Armor 8
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Uses her intelligence, uses the environment
Toxicity low
Powers Uses her claws, massive shoulders and jaws
Weaknesses Body joints
Target Information
City Targeted San Deigo
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Ocean Tide (Deceased)

(still in progress)

''Take that, you bitch. - John Lemon, after killing Demolisher.

Demolisher was an CAT IV Kaiju that attacked San Diego.


Demolisher was an Kaiju that stood on two legs. She, however, had four limbs, each with three hooks at the end. She had an triangular jaw and sharp long spikes running down her spine. She had an exo-skeleton all across her body.

Demolisher also showed an extreme force of intelligent; she adapted to her opponent's attacks and using the environment to her advantage. 


Demolisher appears from the breach and with great speed heads towards San Diego. Before reaching the city, the Kaiju destroys an entire naval fleet. However, she was targeting an certain ship. She destroyed it and took an nuke it was holding. Eating it, she moved towards San Diego.

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