Pacific rim digger whiskey by lukehumphris-d6b3sj2

Digger Whiskey in battle

Digger Whiskey is a Mark 5 Jaeger who has fought In combat besides With Striker Eureka


Made: Unknown

Pilots: Chevy Lancaster (deceased) and Chelsea Lancaster (deceased)

Appeared In: Pacific Rim The Series: Tales from The Drit (Cameo)

Kaiju Kill: 5

Country of Origin: Australia

Nicknames: Whiskey Bulldog, Australia's Drinker and Sundown

Moves: Grappling Arm, Tactical Flare and Pugilist fist

Status: Destroyed

Killed By: Malachite

Kaiju Kill rosterEdit

Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Nemisis 4/12/2019 Sydney,Australia Navy Alpha
Crocodile Tears 5/25/2020 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Solo
Eclipse 1/20/2021 Bangkok, Thailand Solo
Sugilite 9/21/2022 Black Sea Solo
Ryback 1/2/2023 Shanghai, China Solo
Malachite 12/26/2055 Pacific Breach Zero Raptor Vector Apex

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