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Diorajasaur means 'Doubled Rajasaurus'. This incredible superhybrid is more powerful than either the predatory Rajakylosaurus or the omnivorous Monostegotops.

History Edit

Several MONARCH Scientists were sent to a secret research lab to clone several new Titans in secret for genetic experiments and hybrid amalgam testing. Diorajasaur was one of the few dinosaurs cloned in the Gene Administration lab, alongside MonomimusTuoramoloch and Diloranosaurus. Whether intentional or not, it went through heavy genetic alterations which made it more. powerful than most Titans including Godzilla, especially thanks to the addition of Monostegotops DNA. The Diorajasaur was designed to work in tandem with the Ektralex parasite.

Biology Edit

It combines the DNA of some of the most powerful Titans such as the Rajakylosaurus and the hybrid Monostegotops making it an already formidable opponent. But it's most powerful asset was the Ektralex squid and despite the fact that this creature seems just an oversized leech, it's much more dangerous. This is because through its "limbs", the Bio Enhancers, it can genetically enhance the capabilities of every vital organ of its host, making the host immune to almost every attack. After being wounded thanks to the Bio Enhancers the skin of the host hardens and heals immediately. But there is a price to this: because enhancing the capabilities of other creatures is the only reason it was designed, the Ektralex isn't able to sustain itself, only others. To stay alive it needs to constantly suck the blood of its host through the Bio Enhancers, in this case the Diorajasaur. If this wasn't enough the Ektralex can suck the blood, thus the DNA, of other creatures and use it to change the appearance and the powers of the Diorajasaur. The Ektralex attached itself to the tail club of the superhybrid and when it's tail swipes at an opponent, the Ektralex bursts out of its chamber to suck the DNA of the creature that's being attacked.