Double X is a Mk-6 American Jaeger that is stationed at the Los Angeles Shatterdome. It is piloted by mother and daughter Marie and Riley Anderson, aged 20 and 46.

Double X
Technical Information
Given Name Double X
Nickname(s) Double, X
Launch Date October 20, 2028
Status Active
Country of Origin Los Angeles Shatterdome
Jaeger Specifications
Height 330 ft (98m)
Weight 2098 tons
Speed 10 out of 10
Strength 8 out of 10
Armor 9 out of 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment 2 Plasma Star sawblades
Operating System Blue Spark Gen 2 ESA
Energy Core 2 digital electronic engine
Weapons 2 Star Saw Blades
Body Language Martial Artist
Kaiju Killed 12
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in N/A
Creator Humming Bird Suits (Legend of Korra)

History Edit

Double X was built shortly after Fatty Boy's success in killing an Otachi-type Kaiju quickly and easily. Double X has a conn-pod similar of that to Striker Eureka's. It's fighting style was based off of Crimson Typhoon's, for it is a lighter and faster Jaeger that is built for mobility.

The pilots of Double X, Riley and Marie Anderson, had been in training for about a year, but had never been the top of the class, always 2nd or third, so they were not assigned a Jaeger. Finally, when Double X was built, no Rangers matched it's fighting style. So Riley and Marie were assigned to Double X.

Description Edit

A lighter faster Jaeger, Double X has lighter armor, and medium thickness arms. It has medium thickness legs, and it's hands are very much like Crimson Typhoon's, except they only have 5 fingers. It is grey all over it's body, with it's symbol on it's top right chest.

Features Edit

Conn Pod Edit

The 00400 Sailor Conn pod is able to float like a boat. it has a 360 degree window all around the Conn pod.

Weapons Edit

The two Star Sawblades that can turn into Double X's hands can be covered with plasma to maximize damage.

Armor Edit

Double X has a thin Steel Alloy armor, it has little armor because it is meant to dodge attacks, and not to take the brunt of an attack.

Energy Core Edit

It's double Digital Electronic Engines are very similar to Striker Eureka's as they are almost completley electronic.

Fighting Style Edit

The fighting Style of Double X is meant to be able to attack while not getting hit. It rarely is even able not to see it's enemies because of it's 360 degree window. Marie and Riley only sometimes fight when it's either obey orders or save civilians.