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 The DovahJaeger was a legendary Jaeger hybrid with the soul of a dragon Kaiju but the body of a Jaeger


The dragon Kaijus began their ferocious and unrelenting assault upon mankind in an era long ago but the Jaegers had led them to extinction. But they have come. For the Radar foretold of their return. Their defeat was merely a delay. But there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is DovahJaeger, Jaegerborn!

Technical Information
Nickname(s) The One, Jaegerborn
Classification 7
Status Alive
Country of Origin Greenland
Jaeger Specifications
Height 400 ft
Weight 4010 tonnes
Speed Varies
Strength Depends on weapon
Armor Varies
Battle Specifications
Equipment Varies
Weapons Varies
Power Moves Shouts
Pilots Self-piloted.
Out-of-Universe information



The DovahJaeger adorns a steel helmet with two curved ram like horns that are made out of painted metal. It has the ability to record any shout made by a Dragon Kaiju and absorb a dragon Kaiju's soul upon killing it. It has a battleaxe that is attached to its right wrist much like a switch blade and a round shield attached to the other.

Different weapons can be given to the DovahJaeger though e.g. giant hammers, swords and custom D.A.E.D.R.I.C swords.

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