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 The DovahJaeger was a legendary Jaeger hybrid with the soul of a dragon Kaiju but the body of a Jaeger


The dragon Kaijus began their ferocious and unrelenting assault upon precursors But tamed after million of years. Now they Attack mankind in the human world , they are the DovahJaeger, Jaegerborn!

Technical Information
Nickname(s) The One, Jaegerborn
Classification 3
Status all dead in 2055
Country of Origin anti-verse
Jaeger Specifications
Height 400 ft
Weight 4010 tonnes
Speed Varies
Strength Depends on weapon
Armor Varies
Battle Specifications
Equipment Varies
Weapons Varies
Power Moves Shouts
Pilots Self-piloted.
Out-of-Universe information


The DovahJaeger adorns a steel helmet with two curved ram like horns that are made out of painted metal. It has the ability to record any shout made by a Dragon Kaiju and absorb a dragon Kaiju's soul upon killing it. It has a battleaxe that is attached to its right wrist much like a switch blade and a round shield attached to the other.

Different weapons can be given to the DovahJaeger though e.g. giant hammers, swords and custom D.A.E.D.R.I.C swords.