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Drexor is a Category-IV Kaiju  

Technical Information
Given Name Drexor
Kaiju Species Heavily Armored
Breach Date 8-7-2039
Category 4
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 230

length: 900

Weight 3670 Tons of displacement.

120000 tons of weight

Speed 6
Strength 7
Armor 9
Battle Information
Attack Behavior brawler, charged at jaegers with poisonous tentacles and multiple arms
Toxicity high
Powers able to with stand frontal assaults, deal huge damge to opponents
Weaknesses belly
Target Information
City Targeted New york
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed


Drexor was the largest of three Kaiju that breached August 7th, 2039. The other two Kaiju, Shrike and Zregling were smaller, and only Shrike (the smallest) was able to do more damage.


Drexor holds the record for most main limbs on a Kaiju, with 10. Four legs, four clawed arms used to gore Jaegers, and two poison tentacles. Drexor had a large row of spines along its upper torso, and this was used as a defence mechanism against jaegers. It was known for how large its mouth could open, because of it's eating of a subway train. 


  • Drexor was the second Kaiju made out of Bionicles by user Glitchrr36.