Dual Hawk is a British Mark-6 Jaeger, first launched in 2027, during the second Kaiju War.

Dual Hawk
Technical Information
Given Name Dual Hawk
Nickname(s) Double Eagle
Sky Hopper
Launch Date 8th March 2027
Classification Mark VI
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Great Britain
Jaeger Specifications
Height 80 metres
Weight 5000 metric tons
Speed 10
Strength 9
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment X-3 "Eagle" wings
X-50 Weapon Mounts
Operating System Treble Eagle 5.3
Energy Core Dual-supercell flywheel drive
Weapons D-5 Plasma Rocket

X-56 PlasmaLauncher

Power Moves Plasma Explosion

Flywheel Spin

Pilots Quartz Gem (deceased)
Ruby Gem
Sapphire Gem
Kaiju Killed 7
Out-of-Universe information


Dual Hawk was first launched on the 8th March 2027, as the first Mark VI.  As it was built in Britain, a non-Pacific Rim country, Dual Hawk was launched in Hong Kong.  During the fight with Seasnake, its third kill, Seasnake ripped open the Conn-Pod, swallowing Quartz. Sapphire, piloting solo without the Crisis Command Matrix, accidentally fired the Plasma Rocket and PlasmaLauncher at the same time, creating a powerful plasma explosion the killed Seasnake, though it vaporised Dual Hawk's right arm. After a mere two months, Sapphire returned to piloting, along with her sister, Ruby Gem. During the two-month hiatus, a retractable Conn-Pod was installed, which could lower into the body in order to avoid attacks. This feature was put to good use against the Kaiju Lickard.
During the fight, Lickard began dissolving most of Dual Hawk's armour, disabling Hawk's right leg, before pushing the damaged Jaeger into a building, with the rubble trapping Dual Hawk's arms, removing any means of Dual Hawk attacking. As Lickard attempted to rip off the Conn-Pod, they retracted it, making it innaccesible. At this point, the flywheel tanks were drained of coolant, letting temperature levels surpass critical. Finally, as Lickard tried to grab the Conn-Pod, the flywheels pivoted upwards, vaporising Lickard's skin and superheating the Kaiju's internal organs, killing it.
This feature was at a disadvantage against King Tyrant, who immediately drilled through the Jaeger's torso armour, along with the visor.  After leaping from building to building, King Tyrant was finally killed by Sapphire disengaging the magnetic locks attached to the flywheel tanks, pouring coolant over the Kaiju.  It was then revealed that the flywheel support housing had been damaged in the attack on the Conn-Pod, and the right flywheel sheared off, shattering King Tyrant's frozen body, killing it.

The Jaeger was destroyed on New Year's Eve 2029 by the Kaiju Featherfear. It drove the Jaeger under the waters of Hong Kong Bay, so Sapphire and Ruby opened the chest in an attempt to use the expansion of the boiling coolant to kill the Kaiju, with the rapid growth of the coolant in the chest and contraction of the water killing Featherfear and blowing up the Jaeger.


Dual Hawk's torso is largely hollow, consisting of two flywheels attached to pillars that connect to the roof of two tanks, each of which are filled with a coolant to cool the flywheels.  The wings attached to Dual Hawk's back can also open, to facilitate flight, which Striker Eureka's are never shown to do.  The Jaeger also has a plasma launcher mounted in the right arm, along with a plasma-powered rocket that can

  • Provide extra power to punches
  • Slide inside Dual Hawk's arm in order to help launch plasma.