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Dude, Lord of the Hammerspace
The Real Dude
From left to right:

Drugged!Mako - Dude, Lord of the Hammerspace - Facial-Hair-Problems!Raleigh

Vital statistics
Position Lord and Ruler of the Hammerspace
Age Should we ask him?
Status Single.
Physical attributes
Height Average.
Weight Even more average.


This is Dude, Lord and Ruler of the Hammerspace. Fear him. And maybe love him. He's single and there's a rather large shortage of princesses and/or queens around recently so.... 


However, until the creation of Mehca-Chuck was devised, we had no idea who Dude was. Dude and Larry were actually once in a folk rock and blues duo Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dude's known powers and abilities:

  • Hammerspace: "Dude picked up the Harley Davidson motorcycle and put it in his pocket. "That is Hammerspace." He said confidently." Hammerspace is the act of a space holding MUCH more than would seem possible. Other examples of Hammerspace includes but is not limited to: Gipsy Danger's forearms (Swords, Plasma Casters, and Elbow Rockets), the Weasly's tent (tiny on the outside, hella big on the inside), and the Tardis (a police box with an entire labratory or something in it)!
  • Survivor's Instinct: He knows when to retreat and when to get the heck outta there! 
  • Exceptional Facial Hair: just standing next to Raleigh, you can tell he's got AMAZING facial hair. And grooming skills. And thanks to Hammerspace, he has access to whatever he needs at almost any time!

Dude's Amazing GalleryEdit


  • Dude was featured in the official movie.

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