Echo titan-0
Echo Titan
Technical Information
Given Name Echo Titan
Nickname(s) Cyclops
Launch Date 2031
Classification MK V (Refurbished MK I)
Status Retired
Country of Origin United States
Jaeger Specifications
Height 230ft
Weight 1,800 tons
Speed 5
Strength 9
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Energy Core Atmoic Reactor
Weapons Heat Cannon, Upgraded Hydraulics in Arms
Body Language Slow brute force
Power Moves Comet Formation
Pilots Jack Jamison

Allers Jenkins

Out-of-Universe information
Echo Titan is a Jeager station at the Anchorage Shatterdome. It has the nickname "cyclops" due to its odd color configuration and symbol that stands out. Echo is a very charasmatic Jeager and has many fans in america.


Echo Titan was created in 2030 at the Baltimore Shatterdome to combat Kaiju in the second war. The Jaeger was started with the shell of an old MK I jaeger that was destroyed and was outfitted with the latest technology and had its reactor upgraded.  Its first battle was in 2031 and won a difficult. The battle made the Jaeger famous and gained it the nickname "cyclops" due to its yellow eye. 

Echo's first battle was in 2031 and ended with a difficult victory that led to its left legs drive motors being replaced. The Jaeger required a year to repair and saw more action in 2033 which also led to a vicotry. In 2035 the Jaeger is deployed again and is severely damaged. After this battle Echo Titan is retired and scrapped. 


Echo Titan has an odd color configuration, painted Red and Yellow at the request of the pilots, both natives of Iowa. Echo Titan is technically a MK V Jaeger but It has a MK I body style with upgraded arms and legs. The legs provide a sturdygrip on the ocean floor or forest, where Echo Titan generally fights. It is not outifited with a plasma cannon and relies on fighting techniques to win its battles.

Combat StyleEdit

Echo titan has very low speed for a Jaeger but is very strong and has excellent armor platting. Its combat style mainly focuses on slow, extremely powerful punches while using its legs to kick any kaiju it faces. This slow combat style makes it very poor in city combat, meaning it is alwasy deployed in the ocean.