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Eden Assassin is a Mark-2 Russian Jaeger. It was housed in the Vladivostok Shatterdome along with Cherno Alpha.

History Edit

Thanks to the help of a Kaiju supporter in Vladivostok Shatterdome, the Cat-III Kaiju Scrawler managed to sneak undetected into Torrington, Australia. The Kaiju began it's rampage, but not before being confronted by Eden Assassin. The two engaged in a battle but the Jaeger was quickly overwhelmed and the pilots knocked unconscious as Scrawler continued it's rampage.

The Jaeger was later transported back to Vladivostok for repairs and system retooling.

Features Edit

Eden Assassin's frame is based on a common chassis. Minor changes are made to both the structure and avionics systems to the Jaeger so as to fulfill its function as a medium to melee range combat specialist.

In order to reduce weight, the Jaeger's body uses its torso mainframe as part of the Nuclear Reactor itself, which gives it a very different silhouette from other Jaegers. Also, power is distributed to each part of the body via the frame structure rather than through cords like most Jaegers. When the coating on the surface of the frame is stripped away, luminescence can be seen due to the effects of this method. The same kind of system is used even in the frame within the Conn-Pod.

Eden Assassin has the ability to increase its sensor range by equipping itself with targeting sensors in the "face guard" visor over its standard sensors. The main weaponry of the Jaeger was a pair of brass knuckles, a linear spray gun.