El Vejigante
Original pacific rim kaiju el vejigante by amazingkaiju-d6c9ic8
Technical Information
Given Name El Vejigante
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 597 ft
Weight 6,754
Speed 12
Strength 12+
Armor 12
Battle Information
Attack Behavior A bulldog
Toxicity Critical
Target Information
City Targeted Laurence Harbor
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Damaging Jolly Combate

El Vejigante is the 4th Catagory 3 kaiju that has been Breached since 2026

History of BreachingEdit

El Vejigante is a Catagory 3 Kaiju who emerged and targeted Laurence Harbor, New  Jersey and Sent Down Jolly Combate to confront Vejigante but Vejigante breaches open Jolly's Conn pad and killing the pilots and Drowning Jolly Combate

Vejigante's deathEdit

Coming soon

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