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Emerald Striker

Emerald Striker is an British Jaeger designed to defend Earth and its cities from the Kaiju. It was stationed at the London Shatterdome before its relocation to Manhattan along with her brother, Dragon Miralis as of the second Kaiju war.


Lightly built, one of the speediest and flexibe Jaegers of Mark-6. The reason for the speed and fluid movements is both pilots are trained althletes and gymnasts. Its entire waist can spin 360 degrees (The pilots howerver, do not perform this spine breaking manouver) at top speed, this skill can be used an an attack, defence or evasion. A pair of 'Jetpacks' are located on its back that can push up (or straight forward) the Jaeger when it runs and/or jumps.


History will come soon when I write Emerald striker's fan fiction.

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