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Fervour Asi
Technical Information
Launch Date 2038
Classification Mark 8
Status active
Country of Origin India
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Pilots Mufis dhoot and bafia
Out-of-Universe information
Fervour Asi(ஆசி வாரியர், Asi Warrior) is a Mark-8 Jaeger . The Jaeger had been stationed at the Phuket Shatterdome months after its launch.

History Edit

Development Edit

Construction begin in 12th March 2036. Funded by both the Defense Corps and Indian Coast Guard, Fervour Asi was originally deployed to guard the Laccadive Sea, but was then relocated to the Phuket Shatterdome on 9th November 2038 to patrol the Straits of Malacca.

Early Combat History Edit

Fervour's first battle was against Nefarious with the aid of Barbed Tigris.

Features Edit

Weapons Edit Edit

Specializing in the discipline of Maru Kala, Fervour Asi has been equipped with the GD16 "Seared Sabre", made of Obsichrome Steel, a superconductive material with a melting point of 370 Celsius, mapped with carbon nanotubes that channel thermal energy at temperatures over 150 Celsius, capable of wounding and cauterizing Kaiju in close combat.