Technical Information
Kaiju Species Sentient
Breach Date 2034
Category VII
Status Patrolling the Pacific Ocean
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 107 meters
Weight 3000 tons
Speed 15
Strength 30
Armor 22
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Direct Agressive
Toxicity Very Low
Powers Jaw Clamp

Biological Magnetism

Weaknesses Unknown
Target Information
City Targeted Hong Kong (Defended)

Anchorage (Defended)

Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed

27 Kaiju were killed by Gargantuan

Gargantuan was the attempt by the Precursors to create a highly intelligent Kaiju capable of thinking outside the Hive-Mind, where it could adapt to new situations easily and on its own. However, Gargantuan realized that killing humans was a terrible act and that they must be protected from anything that attempts to harm them.

Hong Kong IncidentEdit

When a category VI Kaiju (UUN-89) attacked Hong Kong and destroyed the Jaeger Phalanx Delta, Gargantuan emerged from the bay and blocked the Kaiju's path towards the city.  It then roared in aggression toward UUN-89, and charged at the Category VI Kaiju. Gargantuan killed the Kaiju in a matter of seconds by ripping off its head. It then roared something different towards approaching helicopters and dove into the bay. It was not seen again for another three years.

Anchorage IncidentEdit

When no Jaegers were available to defend Anchorage from the category V Kaiju Floria and Hidoi, Gargantuan was spotted attacking the Kaiju before they were ever out of the water. After the two signatures disappeared, Gargantuan  swam out toward the Pacific Breach. It is unknown what exactly happened.


Gargantuan is described as having a humanoid appearance, though being hunched over. It has a head that resembles a snake or an eel, though its jaw opens sideways. Blue biological luminescence is in the mouth, as well as the eyes and on the claws (both fingers and toes).


  • Gargantuan's body actually represents Slattern's more than a human's.
  • Gargantuan may have killed the Kaiju Dunmer before it reached Vladivostok.


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